The Secret to Turning Heads at Any Event

Going to any big event is an opportunity to impress, even if you don’t know who you want to impress. Big social galas, weddings, birthdays, and launches have all proven to be a hotspot for getting noticed, whether that be your intention or not.


But it is not merely as simple as just showing up. You have to attend with a purpose and find the correct combination of hair, makeup, outfit and shoes that is sure to wow and turn heads at every opportunity. But along with the outfit, there is also so much more.



Before doing anything else, you need to decide on the outfit you are going to wear. This will depend on the type of event you are attending. For big social galas, gowns are typically the number one choice for women. While if the event is on a smaller scale, a simple cocktail or evening dress will do. If you are unsure, check with the host to see what is considered appropriate. Everyone at some point has been the one who is either over- or under-dressed, and it’s a horrible feeling.

With this in mind, you need to pick an outfit that you are confident suits you. Dresses will be made to suit most sizes, but deciding which works best for you is a bit of a challenge. When selecting, try to coordinate the dress with the rest of the outfit to ensure it doesn’t look thrown together at the last minute.



You will be competing with a lot of others at whatever event you are attending, and so you will need to ensure that you do everything you can to stand out from the rest. Picking an outfit that not only looks good but also shows off who you are will go along way towards turning heads and grabbing attention.

Furthermore, allowing your personality to shine through how you choose to look will give people an immediate idea of exactly what type of person you are. You want them to think of you as someone interesting, someone worth talking to. Give them a reason to approach you.

However, that is not to say you need to make the event all about you. Unless it is your birthday or engagement party or even an event that you have organised, there is no need for you to be the absolute centre of attention. Not only does this make you seem conceited, but it is also the quickest way possible to cause those around you avoid you.

As ever in life, staying humble and recognising when and when not you need to contribute will give people greater respect, and avoid them referring to you as ‘That loud one who wouldn’t shut up.’ No one wants to be that person.



No matter how confident someone appears, there will always be something that they don’t like about themselves. But instead of allowing these insecurities to dictate your life you need to embrace and overcome them.

This doesn’t mean undertaking some drastic measures, but knowing there are solutions out there that will make you feel that little bit less self-conscious will show through on the night of the event.

Those with skin blemishes choose to apply makeup in affected areas, while those who feel self-conscious about their teeth have can invest in clear braces, which are more discreet than the classic high school train tracks of old, and are better suited to the modern world.

Whatever you feel your weakness is, taking control of it will give you greater self-esteem and make you feel like you have infinitely more control over how you look, and how others perceive you. By the end of the night, you might not even care how others perceive you, and as long as you’ve behaved yourself, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Before heading off to any event, there are things you need to consider. People like people who don’t try too hard, and it is very obvious to notice when someone is trying too hard. Being comfortable with who you are, whether or not you necessarily believe it, will radiate confidence all around and make turning heads the most straightforward part of the night.

The secret to turning heads then is to know how to get the best results for you. While copying current styles and trends may seem more convenient, there is no guarantee that this will work for you. Identifying your weaknesses and taking steps to overcome them is just as essential as playing to your strengths. With this in mind, confidence will go along way, and with that all under control; you can enjoy the rest of the party as you wish.

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