Voila Esqido Lashes Review (Giveaway Reminder)

When it comes to false lashes I am at a beginner’s level. Actually, I don’t think I have tried them any other time except for the ones I have shown on the blog. And it has been a long time since the last time I tried on a pair. The truth is that the last three-four years I’m not as crazy as I used to be about makeup in general, getting older I am sure has to do with that. So, after a long break from wearing any lashes, I chose to come back with a full and voluminous pair from Esqido.esqido-lashes

I am trying Voila Lash from their diverse collection. This is a style for a very dramatic look that I would only wear on very special occasions. I have also used their companion eyelash glue.


To select the pair I wanted to try I followed an interactive guide on their site, which helped me choose a style according to my eye type and size, the placement of my eyes, the volume of my natural eyelashes, my personality and the occasion I wanted them for.


As you can see in the photos they can completely transform your look. Even the eye makeup looks more intense in the photos where I wear the lashes. Next time I would also like to see how they look with a more light makeup on. This time I have also skipped eyeliner which would help the lashes to blend more naturally with my own eyelashes.




If you want to try Esqido Lashes too, you can participate in our giveaway where 2 winners are going to get a pair of ESQIDO mink lashes and an ESQIDO eyelash glue each.

They ship internationally and they offer a 60 day return policy in case you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.


Have you tried any Esqido lashes?


  1. Πολυ εντυπωσιακές Ντέμη μου!Σου πάνε ωραία!
    Υπεροχο το μακιγιάζ σου!Καλο μηνα!!Φιλακια!!!

  2. Hello Demi!! Nice pair of lashes you’ve got there, making your eyes pop beautifully. I’d really love to try on a pair of Esquido Lashes as well… really love the look on you. Keep up the great work..??

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