How To Have a Memorable Wedding On a Small Budget

What do you do when you want a beautiful wedding but you have modest finances? Of all the options you can think of, borrowing money to finance a wedding is probably the worst of them. Financing your wedding plans with debt is not the smartest money and definitely not the way to start a marriage.

Being on a tight budget does not mean you have a sketchy wedding that is uninspiring and boring. You simply have to make a few adjustments. In fact, a small budget wedding can be a blessing in disguise if you know what to do to make it entertaining and memorable.

Small guest list

The size of your wedding list influences to a very large extend the cost of your wedding. With your small budget, you would rather go for a well-organized intimate small wedding than a big wedding that looks clumsy because everything has been stretched to their very limits.

Plan for an invites-only wedding party for a small group of friends and family.


Having trimmed your guest list, you can then afford to host the small group at some of the finest locations you can find. You should however not be too extravagant on your expenses for a venue.

Instead of having the wedding ceremony at one location, the photo shoot at another and the after-party at different location, it is more financially prudent to choose a venue where you can have all these in one package.  In fact, you are likely to save some good money on this and the fuel you could have spent shuttling between the different locations.

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This is what will make your wedding a memorable affair or just another wedding over the weekend. All your hard work and plans will come to nought if you don’t pay attention to the kind of entertainment you want in your wedding. The good news is you don’t even have to spend much to have your guests well entertained and impressed. Just a few tiny details.

Check and verify that the sound and public address system are working properly. You don’t want an irritating screeching sound repeatedly interrupting your ceremony because you hired faulty equipment or cheap services with faulty equipment. There are Music Equipment Reviews to guide you on what to look for.

Be creative with your entertainment ideas for the wedding day.

Live band

Live bands light up any wedding occasion. The problem is the most popular bands cost a fortune to hire and often need several months’ appointment. If your church or neighbourhood band is just as good, hire them. It will save you a fortune and your guests will ask where you got them from.

The Master of Ceremony

The master of ceremony sets the mood of the wedding and it is therefore important to hire a tried and tested MC who knows how to read the mood of the crowd and work them up and can crack at least a few funny jokes. Do not go with your cousin Ralph just because he offered to be the MC of the day for free.

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