Malika Jafrin Brush Set Presentation and Giveaway Reminder

You may have already seen that a giveaway is taking place on the blog at the moment where a lucky winner is going to win a Malika Jafrin 10-piece professional makeup brush set.

You can read more about the creator, Malika Jafrin, and how she decided to create her own makeup brushes and managed to make her cruelty-free set a success on the giveaway post.

All the brushes are made of quality vegan and 100% cruelty-free bristles.

As soon as I opened the parcel I was impressed by the beautiful faux-leather zip case. The case looks like it can keep the brushes protected from damages while carrying them and it gives a professional feeling, so the set can be great for make up artists too.



The next thing that I liked was how soft the bristles felt.


I like the fact that the name of each brush is written on them and this can be very useful for amateurs who are not sure about the use of each brush.



I have recently received my set, so I couldn’t talk about the longevity of it, but I wanted to share the photos before the giveaway ends, so that you can take a better idea of the gift. Nevertheless, there is a 60-day trial guarantee with a full refund in case you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase.

You can see the brush set here: – For UK and EU (Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, and France)


You can enter the giveaway here.

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