5 Fabulous Houses for Rent Around the World

If you like traveling around the world but you prefer to do it in style and comfort, you’re probably familiar with the option of renting a nice, luxurious house for the duration of your stay. Staying in a big and modern house means that you’d have plenty of room, comfort, and privacy. If the house is well designed, it can almost feel like home. So, if you’re looking for such houses for your trips in the future, here are five you should definitely consider.

Casa Caracol


source – AirBnB

A famous seashell house in Mexico, Casa Caracol is truly a unique getaway. It is located on the Isla Mujeres, and it offers its guests a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea. If you enjoy privacy, luxury, and long walks on the beach, then you would definitely enjoy this property. Although, your privacy might be occasionally disturbed by other tourists taking photos of this one-of-a-kind property. On the bright side, this only means that you’d also get to feel like a celebrity for a moment. There is also a private pool, two king beds, a modern kitchen with a grill, more than one TV, and of course, Wi-Fi.

Douro Villa


source – AirBnB

If you’re looking for a more rustic experience, then you would surely love this house in Portugal. It is located on the banks of the Douro river, 30km away from Porto, one of the most cultural cities in the world. It comes with farm animals, which is perfect for young children who love animals, and it has a salt-water infinity pool, which is perfect for, well, everybody. Last but not least, the views from this place are guaranteed to leave you in awe.

The Woollahra Maison


source: contemporaryhotels.com.au

This house is located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and it’s great for families due to its homelike atmosphere. It has three main bedrooms that are a part of the main house and one more that is on the other side of the courtyard. This means that if you have teenagers who prefer to have their own privacy, you can’t go wrong with this property. Moreover, the house, rented by the fabulous Contemporary Hotels, has a modern kitchen with high-quality appliances, a gas fireplace, and plenty of seating areas for entertainment.

Casa Atrevida


Source: inhabitat.com

This is a luxurious, environmentally friendly house in Costa Rica that is perfect for all the eco-conscious nature lovers. It is made of bamboo and designed in a way that makes it resistant to any seismic activities and floods. The house has five bedrooms, five baths, and thin sliding doors that ensure the constant flow of fresh air. It is located on a private refuge in Puerto Jimenez, and it can accommodate up to ten people. This means that you can bring your whole family with you, and your best friends as well. Plus, it’s available all year round, whenever you feel the need to experience some relaxing nature combined with luxury.

The 20th Avenue residence


Source: kidandcoe.com

You’d never guess that this house is 100 years old by its appearance, but it does have a long history. It has been fully remodeled, with spacious rooms dedicated to kids, gym rats, and filmophiles. It also has a beautiful garden with a tiled patio, plenty of comfortable seating, and artificial lawn. Once you see the beauty of this house in person, you might just forget to explore the amazing city of Seattle.

Traveling around the world is always fun, but it’s even more enjoyable when you do it in style. So, check out the above-mentioned fantastic properties, and if you find yourself in those amazing cities, consider renting out a home that would suit all your needs. This way, you’d get to spend your time in comfort and luxury, and your trip would definitely be one to remember – even if you don’t go further than your backyard.

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