Key Kitchen Skills To Spice Up Your Life In 2018

If you want to live an interesting life, then you need to master the kitchen. The ability to serve up delicious meals and desserts is crucial for pleasing your stomach and wowing your family and friends. In fact, culinary skills are some of the most respected around. If you really want to spice up your dining without having to spend hundreds at restaurants then here are some skills to master.

Slow Cooking

Imagine being able to chuck the perfect amount of veggies, meat, and seasoning into a pot at breakfast time, walk away for 9 hours, and come back to a perfectly cooked meal. The art of slow cooking can take your meals to the next level. What’s best is there is minimal cleanup and preparation time. You will also be able to get all the work done early in the day. Check out these inspiring slow cooker recipes to get started.

Pressure Cooking

If slow cooking is just too slow or perhaps you’re not someone that wants to plan their meals ahead of time, then consider slow cooking’s more powerful brother: pressure cooking. You can easily chuck ingredients into a pot just like you would a slow cooker. However, pressure cookers work extremely fast: 20-40 minutes is enough for almost any meal. These appliances can also cook meat from frozen, whereas a slow cooker will struggle.


We’re not just talking about scones and muffin: the ability to create a brilliant cake is an underrated skill. In fact, people will truly come to rely on your baking prowess. If your skills are a bit rusty, it’s time to grab the flour and eggs, and overhaul your skills.


To learn more about baking cakes, check out

Knife Sharpening

Are you sick of grabbing dull kitchen knives and then having to saw away at a piece of meat? If so, you could get your knives sharpened professionally. However, a cheaper and cooler way is to learn to do it yourself. Check out this sharpening guide to get started. In no time, you may find yourself sharpening knives like a pro.


Marinating sounds simple, but it’s actually tricky to get right. In fact, it is the secret to flavourful grilled meats. While recipes and independents will vary, a basic formula to follow is fat + acid + flavors. The fat’s purpose is to flavor and moisture the meat. The acid is crucial for tenderizing tougher cuts of meat. The flavors are when it’s time to play with herbs, spices, and condiments.

Remember, the tougher the meat is, the longer the marination time. Fish only takes around 30 minutes. Lean meats only take about a couple of hours. However, tough cuts may benefit from marinating overnight.

Final Thoughts

Don’t overlook the importance of kitchen skills. They are crucial for creating amazing meals to keep you and your family satisfied. If you lack in any of these areas, then it may be time to develop your abilities to the next level.

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