Pinterest-worthy ideas you can use in your yard this summer

Summer is the perfect time to fix up the yard. Sure, we mow the lawn and trim back bushes and trees. But summer provides the perfect backdrop for doing so much more to your outdoor haven. Consider upgrading your yard with these six Pinterest-worthy ideas.

Handmade Outdoor Lighting

Beautiful outdoor lighting options can be expensive. You can, however, make your own outdoor lights with a simple ingenuity and a trip to the local second-hand store.

Karen with The Art of Doing Stuff came up with this brilliant idea after seeing old globe lighting fixtures at her area Goodwill. Combined with white Christmas light strands, these glowing orbs will really light up your night!

Simply place outdoor Christmas lights inside one or more globes and arrange the globes in a garden area or at the base of a tree. Use an extension cord to access the power source, but hide the wire with soil or mulch. Karen states that she put her lights on a timer, so that each evening, they’d light up the yard automatically.

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Hand-painted brick walkway


You may love your landscaping, but feel that your plain sidewalk detracts from the scene. To spruce up your concrete walkway, you can turn it into a beautiful brick path with just some paint and a small paint roller.

You may not be able to reconcrete place your sidewalk with real bricks, but a little brick red paint could deceive the eye and result in a big impression. Paint rows of rectangles with a thin space between each one to reproduce the look of a brick walkway.

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A Trellis to Hide the Downspout


One eyesore that cannot be simply removed is the downspouts on a house. Every house has them and every house needs them. But how can you spruce them up without endangering their intended purpose?

While you could purchase a specially-designed downspout trellis, you could also make your own. Use heavy wire, such as that designed for concrete reinforcing. It comes in a roll that is 6 or 10 feet long and can be cut while still in that shape. Cut half circles from the roll. Consider painting or powder coating the wire for a finished look.

Another method is using screw eyes and wire to form a wire trellis up the downspout, while protecting the actual spout from harm. Plants that would work well for this type of project include clematis, sweet pea, morning glories, nasturtium, or other climbing vines.

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Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere


Who says that flowers should only be planted in pots? Pinterest has all sorts of fun ideas for your favorite flowers and plants. Consider the following ideas for your next summer planting project:

  •     Kids rain boots
  •     Tea pots
  •     Colanders
  •     Old tires
  •     Tea cups
  •     Wheelbarrow
  •     Antique chairs
  •     Eggshells in a carton
  •     Empty tin cans

You can plant flowers in almost any container of your choosing, just make sure that there is proper drainage by puncturing holes in the bottom of the planter for excess water to be released.

See ideas here:,, and

Book Lovers Yard Decor



A fun way to make a unique garden decoration is to paint bricks to resemble classic novels, such as The Great Gatsby, Oliver Twist, and Huckleberry Finn. The nice thing about this project is that the bricks don’t need to be uniform in size and actually look better if they aren’t. The worn book look is especially interesting.

Be sure to spray with shellac when complete to prevent the colors from running in the rain. Then stack your “books” up as a border to a flower bed or on your porch steps. Adorn with a teacup planter or a pair of old wire-frame glasses.

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Inexpensive Flower Bed Edging


Locating both inexpensive and elegant flower bed edging is not an easy task. However, this Pinterest find offers a beautiful option that won’t break the bank.

Using 6 x 9 inch concrete pavers, you can create a stunning look to surround your flower beds.Place stones lying flat around the bed. Then dig a small trench and use a rubber mallet to gently place additional stones horizontally on their sides along the back. It will create an edging with a professional flair.

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Take to Pinterest to find easy, fanciful projects to spruce up your yard this summer. You can improve lighting, hide gutters and other eyesores, plant flowers, and decorate your space with an abundance of choices to suit your style. What is your favorite Pinterest-worthy project?

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