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It’s been more than six years since I started this blog. If you had asked me at the beginning how long I would keep blogging, I would have no idea. I still don’t know, but the more you dive into the blogging world, the more challenging it gets.

At first I didn’t have a clue about anything technical, but I like to discover new things and experiment with the blog. There have been times that I was afraid that I made a mistake which could lead to a little catastrophe and destroy everything. Sometimes I was lucky, some other times I was wise enough to ask for help from a professional. And I say ‘lucky’ because when you contact a site for a business collaboration you contact a stranger you don’t know if you should trust or not. But in my case I found Sangkrit and all my worries flew away.

If you take your blog or business seriously, you have to evolve and respond to the current needs of technology.

Nowadays many women are turning to the internet to start their business. Sangkrit is empowering women to startup online by signing up for a free account.

You can work independently as an internet growth engine, express your self and introduce your ideas by blogging, create a family business or use internet infrastructure to offer voluntary work for the humankind.

Whatever you are planning to develop online consult the experts of SANGKRIT and see your dreams come true.

Don’t forget to mention that Demi sent you over there when you contact Sangkrit’s team.


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