How to Nurture Your Skin Back to Health After Tanning on Your Vacation

The summer has come, and all the effort of working out and eating healthy in order to get that beach body finally makes sense, and all the time spent browsing swimsuits and spending money on adorable and must-have summer accessories, is about to pay off. You have been planning your vacation for months now, and just cannot wait to get some of that vitamin sea! However, vacation will come to an end and you will come back to work, and it does not matter whether you used various sun protection products or not, you will probably end up having annoying, visible and potentially painful sunburns.

Hydrate and moisturize

Naturally, sunbathing exhausts your skin and leaves it dry, tight and flaky. We are repeatedly told about and aware of the benefits and advantages of drinking enough water. Nevertheless, exposing our bodies to hot temperatures requires more than the minimum recommended daily water intake. Make sure to always have a water bottle on you during and after tanning period. However, it may sound bizarre, consider skipping a shower. When you do shower, limit your shower time and use cold or warm water instead of hot. Long hot showers remove oils from your skin, leaving it dry and incapable of absorbing the moisturizer. What’s more, try to minimize the use of soap, for it strips the oil from your skin as well.


Skin after tanning in most cases becomes flaky, especially if you have a combination or dry skin. Also, remnants of tanning products you might have used can collect in areas such as the elbows, causing these brownish spots that appear “dirty.” Bleaching the brown spots is harmless and it will not make parts of your skin white and uneven, but simply lighten accumulations of unwanted color. Anyhow, as the primary tool in preventing flakiness and rehabilitating smooth and shiny-looking skin, you purchase a body scrub, or give a try to one of various homemade scrubs recipes. Scrubs remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and looking smoother.

Stay away from strong and drying chemical products

You may think the stronger the product, the fastest or the more effective the process of healing will be. On the contrary, anything too strong or will irritate your skin instead of nurturing it back to health. You should even avoid your usual acne-fighting products, because they heavily dry out the skin. In case of sunburn, pick up an over-the-counter cortisone cream and an aloe gel, or stock up on Advil or Ibuprofen. These will decrease inflammation, and reduce pain and swelling, helping to prevent long-term damage to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally produced chemical that helps binding and retaining water molecules at the skin. Cosmetics products containing this ingredient, such as skin serum, are proven to be effective in improving skin hydration and elasticity.

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Natural remedies and foods to keep your skin healthy

You can also always turn to natural sources of remedies, pain relievers and skin nurturers. Vitamin C, chamomile, and green tea are the strongest antioxidants and anti-aging promoters, that hold anti-inflammatory properties as well. Apply them to tanned or irritated areas in combination with diluted essential oils. There are good old recipes like covering yourself with homemade yogurt masks, cucumber slices, or resting in cool baths spiked with some milk and oatmeal to soothe your skin. When it comes to superfoods which keep your skin young and healthy, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds and pomegranate juice should become your daily snack routine during the summer. These contain vitamins and have anti-carcinogenic properties, so you might want to incorporate them in your lifelong diet.

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No need to worry or hide your body under long sleeves and stay under the umbrella during those sizzling summer days. As long you take care of your health and follow some of the tips we shared with you, you will be ready to show off your just-got-back-from-vacation tan!

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