7 Reasons Why Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friends

How many times have you heard Marylin Monroe’s song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, and have you ever wondered why did it become so popular and well-known? It is not a secret that diamonds indeed are a girl’s best friend, and if the song does not convince you, maybe these few reasons will reassure you.  

1. They Are Very Old

When I say that they are old, I do not mean just old. I mean billions of years old. Literally. I do not even think that our brain is capable of comprehending the value of those years. Just imagine what have those stones all been through, and what they have witnessed. It is almost like the history of the entire universe is cozily sleeping inside of them. And who would not be amazed by that?

2. They Are Indestructible  

Seriously. They are not only the hardest natural substance in the world but also more than 50 times harder than any natural substance. The only other material that can scratch the diamond – is another diamond. And if you are looking for something valuable that will never wear off, get scratched od destroyed – diamonds are a way to go, for sure.  

3. They Are Quality Controlled  

The good thing about expensive and good quality things is that you always know what you are paying for. Diamonds never come without their quality controlled and their valued determined. Of course, with that being said, you should definitely skip the sketchy sellers who are not offering you the certificate with a precisely determined quality of each diamond characteristic (so-called four C’s). Also, forget about jewelry shops with flashy signs about diamond discounts – you can be certain that those diamonds are probably the worst quality and maybe even fake. Real and fare quality diamonds are usually never on any kind of discounted sale, and they have their steady value.  

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4. They Are A Status Symbol

Diamond jewelry has always represented refined taste and high class. Women have been wearing them for centuries, and diamonds have always been associated with success, power, and everlasting classiness. If you are wearing diamonds on some occasions, just observe the behavior of other people around you, and try to notice their looks. The sparkly necklace on top of any kind of outfit is always going to leave people breathless. For that being said, it certainly does not represent woman’s value of any kind. It just shows her taste for beautiful sparkly things and her material status.  

5. They Are Good Investment

When people think about secure long-term investments, they usually overlook the possibility of investing in something such as diamonds, but the truth is that diamonds are one of the smartest ways to safely invest and save money for tougher times. They are rare commodities that are crisis-proof – they will protect you from inflation, market collapse, and currency reforms. Including gold, they are the only two possessions that have the same international value, which is usually very high. And not only do they make you feel financially secure, but they are also very pretty, which would make this investment the most beautiful one, and it is usually a go-to for any woman. Many companies nowadays are engaged in diamond investment, so this unconventional way of saving is not really that new. If you are interested in investing in diamonds, but you are not sure what would be the smartest way to go, you can follow the example of Australian Diamond Portfolio company, and get all the information you need.

6. …And They hold Many Memories

Some people leave houses, or savings bank accounts to their offspring. But some also leave very valuable movable assets such as diamonds and gold. Imagine how it would be to gift your most precious ring or a necklace to your daughter and know that she will not only be financially secured in her toughest times but that she will have something as precious and beautiful as a diamond.  

7. Last But Certainly Not The Least, Love

In the end, it is all about love, right? Well, diamonds have been one of the greatest material symbols of love ever since 1477, when for the first time a diamond ring was part of the big pop up question for Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. Ever since then, diamonds have been part of (almost) every girl’s dream engagement ring. And why would not they be? They come with the most beautiful and unique spark there is! Even though nowadays brides are showing more interest for more unique and personalized engagement rings, jewelry makers are witnessing that more than 90% of all engagement rings sold are classic diamond rings.  

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I am sure that you do not need any more of the reasons to be convinced why diamonds definitely are a girl’s best friend (and anyone’s best friends, for that matter). But let’s put aside all these interesting facts, what other reason does a woman need for wanting something, besides its everlasting beauty?


  1. Διαμάντια?? Χμμ! Να βάλουμε μερικά στην γαμήλια τιάρα?
    Το βρίσκεις υπερβολικό?
    Αφού λες “hey hold memories”! Τί πιο memories από αυτό???
    ΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ, κοριτσάρα μου!
    Να έχετε μια όμορφη εβδομάδα κ’ έναν υπέροχο μήνα!
    *Κάτι ξέχασα??? Περίμενε: Σου ‘ρχεται mail…

  2. Diamonds are for ever….
    Ωραια αναρτηση Ντέμη μου!
    Διαμάντια,γιόκ χα χααα!
    Δεν τα παω καλα με τα κοσμήματα,οτι ειχα τα μοίρασα στις κόρες μου!
    Καλο μηνα!!Πολλά φιλάκια!!

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