5 Creative Ideas on How to Make the Best out of Your Basement

Not all people lucky enough to actually have a basement know how to appreciate it. While some really enjoy the privilege, others just ignore the existence of this room or simply use it as storage for things they’ll probably never use again. If you belong to the latter group, it’s high time you changed this. There are many ways to use that extra space and storage is not the most creative one. We’re here to help you find some inspiration and a purpose and, regardless of how you end up feeling about them, don’t just ignore your basement. Give it some purpose. It will make your life easier and you’ll feel more satisfied with what you’ve done with the place.

Hobby space

Do you have a hobby that involves making a lot of mess and crowding the whole place up? If so, why not use your basement as a hobby room? It’s perfect for crafts as you won’t have to clean the mess you made every time and you’ll have more space to spread around without feeling guilty. There’s an added benefit if the hobby is playing a musical instrument or something similar; where you’ll be making much less noise from the basement that you could also soundproof. That way you’ll be able to play whenever and not bother anyone.

Laundry and utilities

Many people have a practical role for their basement. They put their washing machine, drier, as well as a boiler and spare heating devices. It’s a great way to save space from your own bathroom and kitchen instead of having a boiler inside of your bathtub and similar inconvenient solutions. Of course, if you don’t have a drier, you can put up any dryer you have and dry all your clothes there without cluttering and blocking parts of your house.

Media room

A more creative idea is transfiguring your basement into a media room. If you and your family like watching movies and playing games, then this could be your own digital world in the basement. PlayStation or Xbox, all games and joysticks, as well as a large TV that make for the complete experience. Best option for a safe and proper TV installation, is having it done by a team of experienced professionals.  TV mounted on the wall is generally more practical as it is a huge space saver and they be a safety feature from accidental bumping or tipping of your TV. A good sound system is also a must for the full experience. Of course, you also need to get a comfy couch and armchairs to make sure the level of comfort is through the roof.

Underground bar

You can also make an underground bar and even put up a sign in your backyard that points to the basement and has the name of your bar. Of course, it wouldn’t be a real bar, but a place where you keep drinks. However, you can have an actual bar and stools in there, even a few tables and it can be your own party room. Of course, you’ll probably need soundproofing here too, as well as some powerful speakers.

Home library

If you love books and reading, you can use this chance to unite all your books and make bookshelves that will be in the basement. However, there’s no need to stop here. You can create a library with a reading area for you and your family and the basement would be the place where you come to enjoy your alone time in a company of a good book. Naturally, you should do your best to decorate the place in sync with the peaceful atmosphere you’d like it to have. This is why you should try and cosy up your basement, get some comfortable seating and cute pillows. You can also have a desk or two with lamps and writing equipment, as the library can also serve as a study.

All in all, your basement should be anything but empty. It’s a room like any other and it can have multiple various purposes, the main one being to make your life easier. We hope we managed to motivate you to start redecorating your own and that now you have a vision of what your basement should look like. Once you’re done redecorating, you’ll be free to enjoy the results that will make you and your whole family and friends very happy.


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