Ways to Keep Your Elderly Parents Happy and Engaged

We all want to age with grace and dignity, and more often than not, watching our own parents slowly age before our eyes can be another life lesson, one that shows us how we would like to be treated once our own time comes to greet those silver years. Much like we envision freedom and not being a burden on any family member, so do our parents crave for the very same little luxuries of life. It may take research and detailed preparation to be able to provide them with just that, but you can use this little guide to help you understand how to keep your parents engaged and fulfilled.

Encourage them to keep learning

One of the most vital aspects of healthy ageing is keeping your brain nimble. If you know your parents are curious and playful individuals, there is no need to let them get stuck in an everyday rut simply because they might need more time to figure things out and master new skills. It’s never too late to learn a new dance, a new language, to play chess, or to master a new recipe.

By adding more versatile activities into their routine, you can encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones, but at a tempo that suits them most.

Build a support system

How you approach your parent care plan matters as much as what it entails. Australians have recognized the challenges of mixing their ambitious hectic lives with the serenity their parents need in old age. Chances are that you too have a family of your own, a professional path to follow, and your own interests to pursue in addition to caring for your aged parents. Not to mention the fact that few of us are trained to do so in the most appropriate ways.

That is why many modern households with aged parents do exactly what Aussies do – they rely on professionals. With customized in-home care on the Northern Beaches on the coast of Sydney and expert guidance at your disposal, you can help your parents enjoy their silver years. Such programs help create a personalized, unique approach and thus enable your parents the level of care they need paired with their own lifestyle preferences.

Have regular talks

While the medical team will know how to determine and help fulfill your parents’ needs in terms of their physical wellbeing, you also need to maintain your relationship healthy to provide them with social and emotional support. That way, the doctors caring for your parents will have a more complete picture and you will be able to tweak their schedule to keep them engaged.

Make sure to sit down and have a talk with them on a regular basis, one with no phone interruptions or checking your email. Devote your full attention to this regular chat, and let them share their views on their current life and their future. How they perceive their old age will be of the utmost importance in defining how much they will actually allow themselves to enjoy their silver years. Stay connected, and your parents will appreciate it beyond your wildest dreams.

Inspire them to stay active

In addition to mental acuity and sharpness of thinking your parents wish to preserve, they will also want to stay physically independent as much as possible as they age. Keep in mind that you can provide them with various sources of stimulation that will help them achieve this vital goal: take regular walks with them, or have your in-home care professional accompany them every day. Encourage those dance, aerobic, or even gym classes, because retaining muscle is essential for them to stay mobile and resilient.

Look into local options for senior groups, because the added level of socialization may also serve as motivation to stay dedicated to their workouts.


The quality of life your parents deserve in their silver years doesn’t require too much effort on your part, but with a bit of investment and imagination, you can help them strike the right balance of peace and engagement to keep them happy!

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