Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter is a magical time of year, but it can also wreak havoc on your hair. This is especially true if you have black or naturally curly hair. With the cold weather comes a host of hair problems such as excessive dryness, dandruff and static. Here are some tips on how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful during the cold winter months:


Protect Your Hair

It’s important to keep your hair protected against the elements in the winter. After all, prevention is better than cure, so avoid the usual winter hair problems by shielding your hair in the first place. Bundle up and wear a hat, beanie, scarf or hood when going outdoors. Hair coverings can be both functional and stylish if you choose the right accessories. When styling your hair for winter parties and events, try wearing hair extensions to minimize damage to your natural hair. For beautiful, natural looking hair extensions, look no further than


True Glory’s hair extensions and bundles are made of real, high quality hair, and come at a great price. Choose from a wide range of Indian or Brazilian hair extensions that come in different styles and lengths to perfectly suit your personal flair. Hair extensions make it easy to play around with different hair styles in winter without breaking or damaging your own natural hair.


Moisturize Properly

Dryness is the number one enemy of hair in winter. Cold temperatures suck all the moisture out of your hair, leaving it dull and brittle. For many people, the cold can also cause unbearable itchiness or dandruff on their scalp. Combat these problems by nourishing and moisturizing your hair with natural oils.

Coconut, jojoba and olive oils can keep your scalp and strands moisturized so they don’t itch or break. They are a great alternative to regular conditioners as you may not want to wash your hair as often during the winter. Massage about two teaspoons of oil onto your scalp to restore lost moisture and stimulate your hair follicles, then gently run your fingers through your hair to distribute the oil to the ends. This will relieve your scalp from itchiness, prevent dandruff, and keep your hair strands properly hydrated.


This is also a great way to keep natural curls bouncy and shiny even in the dead of winter.


Combat Static

The lack of moisture in the air during winter can cause your hair to have static, even when you don’t wear a hat. Combat this by using a moisturizing conditioner and applying a nourishing oil or serum while your hair is still damp.


In case you encounter static in the middle of the day, use a moisturizing hair mist to revive your strands and get rid of annoying static. Avoid combing your hair with a plastic comb; natural materials like bone or wood are much less prone to static. When indoors, increase the humidity in the air with a humidifier.


Follow these simple and easy tips this winter, and enjoy healthy, beautiful hair even in the coldest temperatures.



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