Cultivate Your Style: 5 Staple Items to Include in Your Wardrobe

While the capsule wardrobe may be all the rage, having a wardrobe that includes certain basic staple pieces has always been a must. The truth is, you will go through different phases and stages in your life and your wardrobe will reflect that. But life can also change on a dime, so you—and your wardrobe—want to be ready for it when it does. Here are 5 basic staple items you want to always have in your wardrobe.

Clean White T-shirt in Good Repair

A t-shirt is one of the most versatile wardrobe items there is, and can be worn with both business and casual attire. That being said, it’s not as versatile if it’s old, worn, ratty or stained. While you can save your favorite old, white ratty t-shirt for lazy days at home, make sure your closet always contains a new, sparkling white t-shirt that fits well.

Good Black Suit

Whether you need to attend a funeral or your first job interview in many, many years, keeping a good black suit on hand is a necessity. A black suit will never go out of style, so you want to invest some money in a good one. If you need to, you can have it altered over the years to keep up with your changing shape, but if it’s a good enough suit, it will be more than worth the expense.

Classic Accessories

While you may feel almost naked without your Apple watch, owning a good classic tank watch will never go out of style. Men should own at least one good pair of gold cufflinks and women should own at least one pair of classic diamond earrings.

Black Pumps/ Oxfords

If you’re going to keep a good black suit on hand, you’ll also need good black shoes to go with them. While you may have dozens of black pumps, loafers or oxfords, much like your white t-shirt, you’ll want to make sure you have one good pair that is free of scuffs, fraying and other wear and tear. Timeless black pumps will complement every outfit, whether it’s a little black dress for night on the town with your girlfriends, an elegant dress for a wedding or a classic suite for Christmas party in Leicester with your coworkers.

White or Light Colored Button-down Shirt

Much like the white t-shirt, the white button-down shirt is a classic and versatile basic staple item. While you don’t necessarily have to go with white, you want to make sure you have a button-down shirt that is versatile, so you’ll want it to be a very light color or with just the barest hint of a pattern. A very small gingham or pinstripe will do just fine.

Having an outfit for any occasion is important. Follow the above 5 suggestions of items to include in your personal wardrobe and you’ll never be worried about what to wear.

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