Latest Kurti Designs To Add A Regal Touch To Your Personality

Nothing defines and highlights the traditional beauty of women as Kurti does. For the women who relish being comfortable in their skin while enhancing their physical features, Kurti outfits are deemed as the ideal option. If you’re someone in that domain, you’d be delighted to know about the latest kurti designs that have graced the Indian market. The following details the unique traits of the newest cotton kurtas and kurtis that have been making waves in the Indian fashion market.

1. The Bagru Cotton Long Kurta

The Bagru Cotton Long Kurta is the epitome of the harmonious marriage between simplicity and modern design. The Bagru Kurta is a long kurta that reaches and covers the entire body until the ankles. The kurta emanates an appealing vibe owing to the complementing shades of blue that are dominating the surface of the outfit.

The Kurta starts with hues of light blue adorned with simplistic and consistent floral patterns. The light variant of blue colours the fabric till the waist area where it then transitions to a shade of vibrantly dark shade of blue. The intersecting point for the varying shades of blue is created through a V-shaped pattern with gentle piping around the edges. Overall, the Bagru Cotton Long Kurta speaks volumes about the workmanship that went into creating this latest kurti design.

2. Pure Kalamkari Cotton Long Kurta

Kalamkari is defined as a collection of abstract floral patterns that are drawn with contrasting shades to give the fabric a distinctive feel. Justified by its definition, Kalamkari is a popular choice for the newest cotton kurta and kurtis. The newly arrived Pure Kalamkari Cotton Long Kurta alternates between several appealing shades and patterns to endow it with a look that is virtually impossible to ignore.

The front is overlayed with a pattern of abstractly created floral designs that are sporting the contrasting shades of white, orange and red in a noticeably subtle manner. The inner design is adorned with traditional Indian patterns that encircle the entire fabric. The transitioning Kalamkari patterns are what allows this outfit to be the only one of its kind.

3. Rajasthani Cotton Front Slit Kurta

The Rajasthani Cotton Front Slit Kurta is rather simplistic in its first impression. However, that is exactly what allows it to be incredibly versatile and impactful in appearance. The fabric is dominated by a soothing shade of yellow that is reminiscent of the colour of the sand in the Rajasthani desert.

The front is adorned with a vertical line of hand-stitched flower designs that eventually transitions to a vertical slit as the outfit nears the ankle. This allows it to flaunt the contrasting shades beneath the Kurti to give it an exquisite look.  Overall, the simplicity of this latest kurti design is what makes it the perfect outfit for any occasion.

4. Rajasthani Cotton Anarkali Kurta

The Anarkali Scheme is reputed for its soothing transition from a narrow outfit to an open-ended edge. The Rajasthani Cotton Anarkali Kurta follows the same scheme and serves as the prime example for justifying the satisfying beauty of the Anarkali design.

The Kurti starts from the collar-style neck that sits as a narrow piece of fabric complementing the body before gently transitioning to the open-ended nature of the Anarkali design. The dominating darker shade of yellow contrasted with subtle hues of pink gives the kurta design an appealing look.

5. Pochampally Cotton Kurti

The Pochampally Cotton Kurti is the ideal example for demonstrating the beauty of combining modern design with traditional appeal. The waist-level Pochampally Cotton Kurti has been adorned with ikat alternating patterns that dominate the entirety of this latest kurti design.

The transitioning zigzag pattern is coloured in the hues of orange, dark blue, and subtle green to bestow the outfit with an innovative look that is certain to attract attention to itself. The waist-level design allows the wearer to combine the Kurti with contrasting shades of pants to further enhance its appeal.

To Conclude

The above-mentioned latest kurti designs are certain to be your ideal companion to any upcoming events that you might be a part of. These cotton kurtas and kurtis designs are now available for purchase in the market. For the latest kurta designs, keep yourself updated with our page.

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