Tips For A Successful Kids’ Party (Pj Masks Theme DIY Ideas)

When we’re talking about a kids’ party, decoration, music and games to keep the guests busy are the most important factors to take into account. But after all the playing and dancing, the little ‘monsters’ are bound to be tired, thirsty and hungry. So, don’t skimp on feeding and making cool beverages either.

Creative Invitation Cards

Make a great first impression with creative birthday party invitation cards. Sure, your child can verbally ask their friends to have a pajama party at your home. In your case, as a parent, you can talk with other parents personally or over the phone. Or you can send them a quick text message or email. But you can make the invitation more official and start the fun early with a themed invitation card.

Let your child choose from a varied selection of designs so that they can feel that it is truly theirs. Later, you can help them handwrite the details on the cards and personally deliver the invites. Do it at least two weeks before the party! It’s enough time to build up the excitement, let the guests send their responses, and prepare for the party.

Party Decoration

If you are going for a specific theme, you can find relevant decorations online, but make sure you order at least one month in advance to guarantee their early arrival.

cartoon game theme custom backdrops

To add a more personal touch to your decor, don’t hesitate to make your own creations. You can save some money this way, as you don’t have to buy expensive materials. It’s also a good chance to let your children help you with some handcraft work.


Party Games

After a party with kids, your house is going to look like a bombardized place. I really don’t know if you can really prevent it even if you keep some doors locked and restrict access in certain rooms. Be prepared and organize games to occupy the youngsters. You don’t need to spend a cent to play hot potato, Simon says, musical chairs or have a dancing competition.


In case you are hosting an outdoor party, trasure hunt or steal the bacon are nice choices.


When a kid is invited to a party, the birthday cake is the first thing that comes to mind. Keep into consideration that someone could be allergic to some ingredients, like strawberries and nuts, so if you don’t know all the parents personally, it would be wise to avoid certain tastes.



Choose food and dessert that kids can easily eat on their own without making a mess, so that moms won’t have to feed them or change their outfits afterwards.




Although a party is an occasion to be more loose with what your kids consume, you should be cautious what drinks to offer. Make sure to have plenty supplies of juice and restrict any other refreshments that some children may not be allowed to drink.


Party favors

When kids are having fun, it can be so hard to convince them it’s time to go home. Little gifts as they are leaving the party are a nice gesture to thank your visitors, but make them go away eventually too!

The number of invited children may determine the amount you are willing to pay. If you start preparing weeks prior to the big day, you will probably have enough time to make handmade favors that may cost less and be unique.

custom backdrops

The value of the gift doesn’t matter as far as it concerns children. A small though creative idea can excite them. Bracelets using rubber and beads or balloons in various shapes are some easy solutions.


Are your kids fans of Pj Masks too? I would love to hear your ideas.

What theme would you choose for a future kids’ party? If you haven’t decided on one yet maybe you should consider Pj masks as both boys and girls like them.

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