Show Your Appreciation: 4 Ways to Give Your Wedding Party Special Treatment

Weddings are fun, but they can feel all-encompassing when it comes to the perspective of the wedding party.

Here are four ways that you can show your appreciation for your wedding party and give them special treatment.

Custom/Customized Gifts

Gifts are always a great way to show appreciation to the people that are close to you. With a wedding party, adding the special touch is even more sentimental because it shows that you’ve given some thought to their role in your life and in your wedding.

Consider a custom gift like a necklace or a watch. If a custom gift is outside of your price range, choose a customized gift from a local discount wholesaler that you can add a special touch to. Your wedding party will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the care it shows in taking time outside of planning your wedding to consider them as well.

Give Them Titles

Most people enjoy having a special title for special occasions. With your wedding party, consider giving them all the general title of bridesmaids and groomsmen, and then giving them each special title within that structure.

Give each person a title that matches their personality, is unique to what you’re having them do in the wedding party, and also has a special meaning to it between you and that wedding party member directly or within the group.

Specialized Transportation

Having transportation that can get your entire wedding party to where they need to be on the day of will be a huge help to them and give peace of mind to you, but also want to give them some special treatment.

The mode of transportation is up to you. Whether you choose a bus hire or a limo service, the key is to make it feel special. Let them know this is exclusively for them for the wedding and give them details of the arrival time of the transportation and the departure time.

Tell People Who They Are

Give your wedding party the special treatment by letting the rest of those attending the wedding know who they are and why they are special to you.

You can do this in different ways. You can use a slideshow with the name of the person in the wedding party and how many years they’ve known the bride or groom oh, you can use bios in a printed program, or you can ask each of them to introduce themselves before giving a short congratulatory speech at the reception.

These are just four ways that you can give your wedding party the special treatment and help them feel more connected to you on the day of your wedding. See which one works best for the type of wedding that you have or even mix and match a couple of these ideas.

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