How To Make Your Small Living Room Look Larger

Small spaces can easily be overwhelmed by furniture, decorations and, of course, space. Regardless of the small size of any given space, it can be transformed into a bright, pleasant and functional space with only a few minor changes. 

The following tips are offered by the experts over at Land of Rugs and explain how to make your small living room look larger:


Illuminate the walls

The color of the walls is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to enlarge a small space. The light blue and green tones will make the room brighter and bigger. Painting the trim in a lighter shade than the walls will improve the appearance of the room. A lighter cut will add another element to the perception of the walls that make the wall farther away.

Reduce clutter

We all have problems to deal with in our homes, but a small room looks better. An excess of decorative pieces, whether frames, pendants or collections, will make small congested spaces appear. Creating a focal point in the room can help you expand the space. Organize the room to capture the focus at the focal point and leave the daily confusion hidden from view.

Find the right light

Natural light is the best option for small spaces. Hide windows with window covers or retain heavier covers. The imaginative and fresh lights of the ceiling draw attention to the top. This gives the illusion of a greater height of the room and further increases the available visual space.

Add an illusion

The mirrors help add depth to a room by bouncing the light around the room. Strategically place the mirrors around the room to draw attention to your focal point. The mirrors should not hang on the wall. Mirrored furniture, a glass table or even a polished floor can reflect light and give the illusion of more space.

Simplify furniture

Another way to expand the size of your room is to have less furniture and decorations. The furniture is an additional challenge. Overloading a room with furniture in an exceptional way when space is limited can make it look even smaller. Divide your furniture into small intimate groups to create a larger conversation space. The wall’s angle is the best part of the room to position the larger pieces of furniture. This will open a particular wall space and make the room look bigger. Keep the furniture away from the walls and make them more attractive.

Look at how much furniture you have placed in your small space. Keep in mind that you want to avoid a messy appearance. Use as little furniture as possible and make sure that the furniture you choose is functional. With furniture and accessories that block the view in a room and open them, a room will look smaller.

Rugs can be used to meet a variety of decoration needs, from establishing a common theme in a room to dividing a large space into different functional areas. They can even help you combine all your decorative elements to create a space. They are easy to move from one place to another and are perfect for tenants, as they can be easily carried anywhere.

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