4 Wedding Catering Suggestions Everyone Will Enjoy

Weddings are getting more and more adventurous by the minute, with each couple trying to top the next with something fun and unique. Having your wedding catered is a great way to wow your guests while also keeping them from going hungry during the ceremony. Here are four wedding catering suggestions everyone in attendance will enjoy.


If you’re looking for something really relaxed and delicious, why not give some good old barbecue a try? Everyone loves barbecue food. From the pulled pork to the cornbread, there isn’t much not to like about it. It’s also something that not every wedding has, so it’s sure to set your wedding apart from the rest.


Italian cuisine is something many couples choose for their wedding because it’s traditional but also delicious. There’s sure to be something that everyone will enjoy, with classics like chicken french and spaghetti. Italian private dining is an excellent choice for your wedding if you’re seeking a menu that is filling and that will please each and every one of your guests.

Pizza Bar

For an idea that’s truly out-of-the-box and exciting, consider serving up something no one would expect. A pizza bar can be elegant enough for a wedding reception if you mix in gourmet pizzas alongside traditional choices like pepperoni and sausage. You could even serve up fresh, hot pizzas right from the oven if your venue has a brick oven available. Be sure to include some dessert pizza options to tie the whole pizza bar idea together. It’s a wedding reception menu that will leave your guests speechless.

Just Sweets

Large wedding receptions can get quite pricey if you serve an entire meal along with appetizers and dessert. To cut costs but still offer your guests a special treat, consider serving just desserts. You can have a main wedding cake and then individual cupcakes that are beautifully decorated to match the theme of your wedding. A candy buffet can double as snacks for your guests in addition to a wedding favor for them to take home.

Wedding guests will definitely enjoy each of these unique catering suggestions for your reception. Each couple is different and their wedding reception menu should reflect that. Give your guests a memorable experience by using one of these fun wedding catering ideas. They’ll be talking about your wedding for months and years to come and raving about how enjoyable it was.

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