Long Guest List? 4 Tips for Planning a Large Wedding

When you get married, you want everyone to experience the joy you feel with you. The more people, the better! However, this is how the guest list grows to unimaginable numbers that you didn’t expect. While it’s great to have everyone you love (and some you barely know) at the wedding, you need to plan accordingly. Here are 4 tips for planning a large wedding.

Consider an outdoor venue

The great thing about most outdoor venues is that they offer a lot of space. Some venues will promise that they fit the amount of people you need. However, it can get crowded or hot. Don’t even let this be a problem. Look for a big open space where absolutely everyone can enjoy the wedding without feeling cramped. Always have a backup in case it rains, though.

Rent extra bathrooms

A lot of people and drinking means that the bathrooms will be crowded. It’s best not to make people wait. Consider renting Afford a Potty so that there are extra facilities available for everyone throughout the night. Sometimes it’s best to have a backup even if they aren’t used.

Make a plan to see everyone

When you have hundreds of people at your wedding, it can be near impossible to thank everyone for coming. You should create a plan to interact with all of your guests. Try greeting people as they enter the venue. You can also consider going to each table during dinner. By doing these two things, you should be able to get mostly everybody. Keep an eye out for anyone you missed throughout the night.

Consider a buffet instead of individual plates

Having a large guest list means that there are a lot of people who might cancel or unexpectedly bring a guest. You will already have to scramble and get extra tables and chairs or put them away if necessary. You don’t want to worry about the food, too. Offer a fabulous buffet. If there are less guests or more guests than expected, it won’t be as big of a deal as when you spend a certain amount on each individual plate.

Having a large wedding can feel overwhelmed. However, if you plan accordingly, you won’t have to stress about the people at your wedding. You’ll be able to focus on the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

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