Top 6 Ultimate Tips To Ease Post Natal Back Pain

Every pregnancy is a wonderful journey. While in the span of nine months, you’ve experienced discomfort and tremendous changes in your body, the end result is always worth it. 

Now, it’s time to nurse your baby and set some things back on track. But, aside from doing these things, you’re also nagging about the pain in your back. What does it mean? Is it the so-called postpartum back pain? 

Postpartum Back Pain

Back pain is very common to pregnant women. As it happens, this can be experienced even during the first trimester. Although some women no longer feel the aching sensation in their mid to lower back after giving birth, others enter the so-called “postpartum back pain” stage.

Some moms would say that this is just common to experience after delivery. This is because it’s temporary. But even so, many new mothers cannot tolerate the excessive pain. 

Thankfully though, there are effective ways to ease back pain after birth or even prevent it from happening. And if you are looking for the right practices, this post might help you.

Easing And Avoiding Back Pain

Physical therapists who specialize in women’s health can help mothers ease, relieve, and avoid back pains. While this is an effective solution to do in this case, sometimes, there are more practical ways that are also effective in treating and relieving back pain. 

Here are some of the best tips that you may do at home to ease and eventually eliminate back pain after delivery:

  • Weight Balance:

Weight gain is another common event for pregnant women. Although the excess weight can be easily trimmed down after giving birth, especially if you are breastfeeding, it is still essential that you stay mindful of your weight.

Gaining weight is one of the many reasons why you feel pain in your back. The excess weight can put a strain on your spine which causes the aching. So, you may want to lose the extra pounds to release the pressure and stress on your spine.

The best way to lose weight after pregnancy is to get back on track with your diet, plus the appropriate exercise. There are also tons of online weight loss programs designed for pregnant women and moms that you may check and follow.

  • Avoid Lifting Heavy Things:

Lifting heavy things causes strain and pressure not only to your back but also to your muscles and joints. And this is very critical, especially if you just had your baby delivered.

So, you must avoid doing this, even if you feel fine or okay after a few weeks or months. This may result in injuries or accidents, which is way worse than feeling pains in your back. Surely, you don’t want this to happen. Hence, be careful. And as much as possible, ask assistance when something needs carrying or lifting.

  • Back Stretches: 

After giving birth, some muscles that stabilize your spine are not in their optimum state. This is why it can be one of the reasons why you feel pain in your back. Muscles like your hip flexors and hamstrings are normally tight after pregnancy. And bringing them back to its ideal condition may relieve and ease back pain.

Stretching these thigh muscles is one of the best ways to do to strengthen your back. Once done effectively, it has been found to improve back pains.

Other muscles like the ones found in your abdomen can also be the reason why you feel pain in your back. It is worth noting that these are the core-stabilizing muscles that highly balance your spine. You may want to focus on exercises that target this area.

Keep in mind though that you may need to consult first with your physician or a specialist before following any exercise routine to strengthen your back. You must stay keen and careful with your activities, especially if you just had your baby.

  • Utilize Maternity belt

Wearing maternity belts or belly braces is one of the most apparent tips to ease back pain or avoid the condition after giving birth. As it happens, these belts or braces are rigid enough to serve as support to your abdomen, hips, lower back, and pelvis. Even for pregnant women, these belts are recommended to prevent back pain. 

Aside from serving as support, maternity belts can also be your external cue for maintaining proper posture. And you will want to correct your posture at all times, especially after carrying a baby in your womb for nearly nine months.

  • Do Not Sleep On The Abdomen:

Sleeping on your abdomen must be avoided at all costs. This will only worsen the aching and pain that you feel in your back. Even for those who are not pregnant, sleeping in this position is not recommended as it only causes strain and pressure on the spine. 

Instead of sleeping in this position, try to sleep on your side with a pillow in between your legs. Also, put a pillow just below your abdomen for support. This will ease the pain in your back and will eventually eliminate back pain.

  • Maintain Posture:

As mentioned, proper posture is important. Even if you do not feel any pain or strain in your back, which is impossible, by the way, if you have poor posture, you must always see to it that your posture is in its ideal form.

Most of the time, back pains are the effects of having poor posture. And this is almost always evident to pregnant women as carrying a child inside the womb for almost nine months is not easy. It strains and pressures the spine that impacts your posture and your back.

When correcting posture, you may want to wear back braces or even maternity belts. You can also do minimal exercises and stretching positions that target the posture.


Final Thoughts

All in all, these are the seven best tips and ways that you can do ease back pain and even avoid it if your due date is still a few months or weeks away. Following these in a strict manner will not only help your back but it can also improve the quality of your lifestyle.

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