4 Minor Kitchen Fixes That Make a Major Difference

Are you strapped for cash, but your kitchen desperately needs a refresh? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great kitchen makeover. There are plenty of small, affordable changes that make a major difference. Get that hammer away from your piggy bank and try these four minor kitchen fixes that can take your cooking space from dreary to cheery on a shoestring budget.

Brighten Up Lighting

Ambient lighting is easier on the eyes and will work wonders in any room. Swapping out or adding light fixtures is an easy and budget-friendly way to breathe new life into your kitchen. Swap out those boring old bug-catchers for sleek recessed lighting, modern flush-mount fixtures or beautiful chandeliers. Make your kitchen look bigger by installing attractive and functional under-cabinet LED lighting. These affordable, easy-to-install light fixtures come in both plug-in and battery versions.

Repair Busted Counters

Worn, damaged or faded countertops can make a kitchen look old and weathered, but you don’t have to spend big bucks on new counters. A few repairs on your existing countertops can have them looking great for a fraction of the cost. Opting to repair instead of replace your counters saves a lot of time too. An onsite countertop repair service can fix up those cracked and chipped counters and make them look like new again in as little as a few hours.

Add New Chairs or Barstools

Are your dining chairs mismatched? Have your barstools become a safety hazard? Replacing dining furniture is a quick and affordable fix for a dated kitchen. Comfortable chairs and stools in bold designs can be found for $100 or less from discount retailers and closeout sales. You can also find gently used furniture at yard sales and thrift stores. If you’re feeling crafty, consider giving your current chairs a makeover with a new coat of paint or fresh fabric.

Upgrade Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors contribute a lot to your kitchen’s aesthetic because they take up so much visual space. Fortunately, a cabinet door upgrade is an easy fix that won’t break the bank. Trade your plain doors for an ornate carved design or doors with glass windows to display your favorite dishes. If you’re not ready for a big change, consider adding decorative hardware for a touch of luxury.

Remember, big and expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Sometimes subtle, minor changes can make a bigger difference than a comprehensive remodel. If your kitchen is looking long in the tooth, start small. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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