No More Almonds! 17 Creative Wedding Gifts for Guests that People Will Love

Did you know that a lot of couples experience wedding anxiety? Plan ahead of time, so you don’t get stressed.

Are you looking for wedding gifts for guests? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over unique wedding favors.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Tea Towels

Go for an unexpected wedding gift by sending each guest home with a tea towel. Do you love a specific type of kitchen decor?

Do you want decorative tea towels with a romantic quote written on them? Personalize your tea towel with a specific poem or quote.

Tea towels are often made of cotton or linen and decorated with an imprinted or woven design. They are called as such because they were initially used at tea ceremonies during the 18th century.

Now, tea towels are common in homes across the world and used by families in various ways. They can be a hot pad for your baked goods or an alternative to traditional hand towels.

  1. Homemade Mugs

People love getting mugs that have a special meaning. You could send guests home with a mug with your wedding date.

If you’re having a specific themed wedding, make sure it’s represented on the mug. You and your guests won’t ever forget your special day.

  1. Hot Sauce

Do you and your partner love hot sauce? Do you load up your appetizers or meals with this spicy condiment? Well, for this party favor, have fun deciding on a flavor to give to all your wedding guests.

  1. Succulent Plants

If you love the outdoors and plants, consider giving your guests a succulent. You can set up a station toward the entrance of the wedding. Create a sign, detailing that your guests should take a plant with them when they go.

These plants are super resilient, and even people without a green thumb can care for them.

  1. Personalized Notepads

Order a bunch of notepads. You can create a custom cover for each notebook. Consider writing a note on the first page of each notepad to your guests. This is an excellent gift for your busy guests. They can use their notepad at the office or home.

  1. Donate to Charities

To help local organizations in your community, you could donate on behalf of all your guests.

Explain to your guests, saying which organization you donated to and why. You can print it up on pretty paper and leave the note on each person’s dinner setting.

  1. Mini Bottles of Alcohol

Sit down with your partner and pick out a liqueur you think people would like. If you both have a favorite kind, consider getting that for a wedding favor. Some people have chosen lavender vodka, champagne, or tequila.

  1. Homemade Bars of Soap

If you are having a rustic wedding, give everyone a piece of homemade scented soap. You can order from a local soap maker or try making it on your own.

Pick from lush scents like lavender, eucalyptus, mint, and more. Wrap each bar of soap in cute packaging and leave all the pieces on a platter. Have a sign nearby indicating guests should take one with them.

  1. Drink Shaker

A cocktail shaker will be a great reminder to guests about your wedding. You can order a bunch of stainless steel cocktail shakers. This favor is both practical and fun. Also, consider custom wedding koozies.

  1. Mini Pumpkins

Are you having your wedding during the fall? Consider picking up tons of cute small pumpkins for your guests. You can pick up gourds, as well.

Find a variety of colors and arrange them on a stand or in rustic bins at your wedding reception.

  1. Garden Seed Packets

If you’re having your wedding on a farm, consider this option for a fun wedding favor. Try to choose seeds that are easy to grow.

You can pick seeds that do well both outdoors and indoors, so different guests can use them. Some ideas include mint, lavender, chives, basil, and lemongrass.

  1. Greenery and Flower Arrangements

Reuse your wedding flowers by inviting guests to create an arrangement.
Let guests know after dinner, that they can relax and get creative.

Pick up a few tin pails for them to transport their beautiful flowers. For a more classic vibe, pick up slim glass vases.

  1. Cozy Blankets

Is your wedding during the winter? Send your guests home with a fleece blanket. You can get them personalized with your wedding date, special symbols, or a quote. Guests can reflect on your special day with this cozy gift.

  1. Infused Olive Oil

Do you love to cook? Consider this wedding favor as an option. You can gift your guests with a delicious and gourmet olive oil. Include your favorite recipe with the tiny bottle.

  1. Colorful Parasols

If you’re having a summertime or beach wedding, consider this fun wedding favor. You can get parasols that match your wedding colors or mix match the colors.

Your guests can remain shaded, or you can use them as fun props for photos. These favors are a practical gift for after the wedding on a rainy day.

  1. Mini Cocktail Kit

Do your wedding guests like to mix drinks? You can send everyone home with a miniature cocktail set. Set up the kit to include all the ingredients people will need to make you and your partner’s favorite drink.

  1. Sweet Treats

Send your guests home with a small dessert item that they can enjoy later. Some couples will make homemade fudge or order cookies. You could also make homemade jelly or jam.

Bonus: Customized Blankets

Everyone loves a cozy blanket; your wedding guests are no exception. If you’re having your wedding in the fall or winter, soft sherpa blankets are the perfect wedding flavors. You can get the blankets customized with a unique logo or design that you made just for your wedding.

Now You Know More About Wedding Gifts for Guests

We hope this guide on wedding favors was helpful. Set aside time to sit with your partner and decide on wedding gifts for guests.

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