How to Make Your Wedding Night Special

There can be an immense amount of pressure put on your wedding night. In the same way that you want your wedding day and ceremony to be a roaring success and go to plan, you want your first night as a married couple to be just as much a successful celebration. It may be that you’re not entirely sure how to spend your wedding night in a special way, or maybe you’re looking for methods to spice it up even more. Read on for a few ideas!

Set the Scene

Where you retire to after your main ceremony is over is extremely important for your wedding night, and will take some planning ahead of time. Whether it’s a hotel room, a room at your particular venue, or even if you’re hopping straight on a plane to reach your honeymoon suite just in time, where you choose to share your first private moments is going to make all the difference. 

You can either request the room to be prepared in advance in a romantic way — such as requesting honeymoon or romantic decorations from your accommodation staff — or you can decorate it ahead of time yourself. Think anything that speaks romance to you, like flowers and candles, and anything else that is going to help the both of you feel relaxed.

Think About Food and Drink 

You may have retired away from the bar and your wedding buffet, but that doesn’t mean delicious treats have to stop. It’s always good to have food and drink on hand for your wedding night, whether it’s a bottle of the most expensive champagne, sweet treats, or a whole meal just for the two of you: whatever you fancy!

Now that you’re alone, it will take some of the pressure off the two of you and allow you to eat and drink more mindfully and savor flavors in a different way, so it’s worth treating yourself to the extras. 

Try Adult Items

There is, of course, a lot of focus on sex on your wedding night, but there’s no right or wrong on how to make it special. If you’re looking to do something completely different, though, or if you’re looking to be more creative and make it last by experimenting with things you perhaps wouldn’t usually do, you can always plan ahead to have adult items and toys to make it more exciting, if that’s what you both like. 

Suppliers like provide a great range of different items depending on your wants and needs, so you can easily browse and choose something that works for the both of you. 

Take Your Time

Your wedding night shouldn’t feel like a race. It shouldn’t feel pressured or rushed. Take the time to simply take a deep breath once you’re behind the closed door and reflect on your union that day. Take your time getting comfortable and think of extra ways to spread out the evening, such as enjoying a bubble bath, simply sitting and talking, or spending time on a balcony with a great view (if you happen to have one!).

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