Nordgreen Native Watch Review

Βefore the advancement of mobile phones in our lives an accessory we couldn’t live without was a watch. In modern times wearing a watch may not be a necessity, but it certainly gives style and prestige to the wearer. Both men and women who take care of their image have a good piece in their collection. Especially for a man who may not be a fan of jewelry, a special watch can be the only accessory he needs to add character to his outfits.

I’ve always been a watch lover, but when I had babies I avoided wearing any type of jewelry to prevent an accident and I spent some period missing wearing a watch. Today I am going to present my watch from Nordgreen which I chose among a great variety and explain why I selected this company while I have turned down offers for review from other companies.

You pick the style

First of all, on I found a unisex design which is very sophisticated and modern at the same time. In addition, I had the chance to pick every piece of it. I knew I wanted a black dial and I soon fell in love with the black color on the strap too. From four different styles of strap I preferred the native one as it is closer to my taste. I love black and gold combination and as I like gold jewelry this is how I constructed my watch with a black mesh strap and a 32 mm gold case.


You can add extra straps and change the design of your watch. I regret I didn’t add any to my order as you can adjust its style depending on the occasion. The company also offers two year warranty.

Together with my order I received a recycled tote bag as a gift. I carry this kind of bags with me all the time when I’m out with my kids, so I know I’m going to use it.

The delivery was super fast and I couldn’t believe it when I received it with express shipping method the next day after I had placed my order.

The designer

I like the minimalist style of this watch and I know I’m going to wear it a lot as it is discreet and goes with everything. Jakob Wagner is the chief designer of the company who has collaborated with successful international brands and has been awarded for his work.

Giving back program

They also have a giving back program and with every order you can choose to donate a part of your purchase to the cause that you would prefer to help.

Do you like wearing watches too? What style do you prefer?

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