Fun Kid-Sized Face Mask Ideas To Get Kids To Wear A Mask

During these unprecedented conditions we have to adapt to the new requirements of our lives to stay safe and healthy. Despite all the inconveniences and negative aspects of living with the threat of Covid-19, life goes on and we need to continue our daily routines even if they are very different now. But how can we get kids wear a mask?

Kids are scared of masks

At some point your kids will need to wear a mask too. But at the beginning it may be difficult for them to accept it. The main reason is that they are afraid of them. When they look at someone who is wearing a mask, they can only see their eyes. The rest of the face is hidden, so they can’t see their emotions and this may be frightening. Another reason they may be reluctant to wear a mask is that it reminds them of doctors and hospitals. You can take advantage of this fact and ask your kids to pretend they are doctors and examine you or their toys like Doc Mcstuffins.

Play roles with superheroes

To familiarize children with the idea of the mask you should make it feel like a game. Many superheroes wear masks and your little ones are going to be thrilled to become superheroes. Their Halloween costumes can be used to remind them that they have worn masks before. When they start seeing it as something fun, you can put the real masks into the game.

Make it a DIY project

If your kids create their own masks, it will be more interesting for them. You can look in their wardrobe for old clothes you don’t need anymore because they have stains or holes and use them as fabric to make masks. In general, the clothes that are small for your kids now, but not in a good enough condition to give them away, you can keep them for future crafts. If you don’t feel confident enough to make your own DIY crafts, you can simply cut out the parts of the garments you like and stick them on masks you have bought.

Sew masks with cartoons

Simple masks made of fabric are usually ugly and something we would wear only out of necessity, so kids are not likely to want to wear them. If you are good at sewing, you can buy fabrics with the cartoons and designs your son or daughter likes and make handmade masks. Reusable masks can be washed and you can wear them again and again. This way you don’t have to worry you will run out of masks and you can also save money. Many fashion designers have been inspired by this situation and have started designing masks to match their clothes and bags. Even crafters of handmade products have started selling masks they make. We have even seen artistic aspects of handmade masks which may not be feasible to wear in real life, but they are nice art.

Paint your fabric masks

To protect ourselves from the disease we first started using sanitary masks. But there was a problem; they sold out soon and it was difficult to find any at a drugstore or online. Furthermore, their price rose rapidly. This is how we turned to fabric masks. if you have in your possession plain fabric masks, it would be a fun idea to buy fabric paint and draw different designs on them; animals’ mouths are a very good choice. As they are washable you can use them countless times and save money.

Let’s wear bandanas

Kids and teenagers can be harsh judges and at these ages they take care of their appearance because  they may be mocked by their peers about what they’re wearing. Your kids will probably refuse to wear something that isn’t trendy. Except for the ordinary masks, you can discover more alternative options to protect yourself and be trendy at the same time. Bandanas have been very popular lately. They can be used as a kid-sized face mask. It is an economical solution of covering your face, but you can easily remove it from your face and wear it around your neck as a scarf or wear it on your hair. At the same time you can match them with your outfits as there are many colors and patterns to choose from. In case your little ones do outdoor sports and you are interested in protecting them from the sun, the high UV protection bandanas are perfect for you.

Tell a story

To make your kids trust in you, you need to be honest. Try to explain the reason they need to wear masks. Parents are used to telling stories to put their children to sleep, to make them eat, to explain something to them. Use your imagination to make a story in which you can use real facts. Add masks in your story and even wear one yourself to make your story more vivid.

Make up a game

For younger kids it may be even harder to persuade them to wear a mask. Don’t make it sound like something that is imposed on them. Instead, make up a game using masks. Can’t you think of anything? Here are a few ideas: you can wear masks and in turns say a word silently and the other person has to guess the word. Or draw numbers on small pieces of paper, your kid is putting a piece behind the mask and you have to guess the number.

I hope these tips help you if your kids start going to school, you take them for shopping or you’re planning to go on vacation and you want to make sure they stay healthy. At the same time you protect others too, especially if they run a higher risk of catching a disease.

Don’t forget to consult your pediatrician first about what is safer to do if your kid is very young or has a respiratory problem. Stay safe and sane!

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