Top 4 Summer Hairstyles You Should Try

Summer is here, and while that means warm weather, carefree spirits and more vacation time to spend with your loved ones, it can also mean high levels of heat and humidity that can spell disaster for your hair. It’s not just in your head – studies have actually shown that when it’s humid outside, water molecules from the air moisture bind to proteins inside your hair strands, causing your hair to appear frizzy. Luckily, there are a few heatproof hairstyles that will still look great even in 90% humidity, so you can enjoy your day off without worrying about your style. Take a look.

1. Low Bun

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If you’re attending an outdoor event like a wedding this summer, you’ll need a style that keeps your hair looking sleek even when the sun’s directly overhead. For classy events, nothing says elegance quite like a low bun. This easy hairstyle expresses the breeziness of the season while maintaining a subtle chicness. If you’re looking for a hairdo that’ll impress the guests, this is easily one of the best wedding hairstyles Long Island NY that you should try at the next nuptials you attend.

2. High Ponytail

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The total opposite of the low bun in both look and feel, the high ponytail is a classic that lets you look big-city elegant while requiring lazy day-level effort. This hairstyle couldn’t be easier – simply gather your hair to the crest of your head and secure with a hairtie or scrunchie. If you have to go from work to the gym without changing or vice versa, this is also the perfect transition style.

3. Mermaid Braid

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Unlike regular braids or French braids, mermaid braids really secure your hair, keeping it out of your face on hot days. They also adds a unique twist to your look, and the mermaid vibe practically screams summertime.

4. Lob Haircut

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Finally, if it’s simply too hot out to handle any serious amount of hair, consider getting your hair cut. One trend that’s been popular lately is the lob, or long bob, which takes inches off so you don’t feel stuffy or overwhelmed by your hair, while still giving you enough length to experiment with different styles.

While the warm weather of the summertime can be great for relaxing and spending time with family, it’s not always the best for your hairstyle. Thankfully, with a little styling know-how, you can still look great even in hot, humid weather. Try these four hairstyles out this summer and get ready to hit the beach looking stylish!


  1. Great suggestions Demi! Buns are always a trend no matter the season! Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas!

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