How to Curate a Personal Style No One Else Will Have

Do you ever look at someone else and admire their personal sense of style? Do you wish you could cultivate that same sort of unique signature look that is not duplicated anywhere else?

Creating a signature look requires reflection and organization. Anyone can still achieve a captivating look that will be timeless and stylish at the same time.

Here are a few tips on how to curate a personal style that no one else will have.

Curate a Wardrobe That Fits Your Life

Curating a personal style means that you always look put together. Knowing what pieces of clothes you actually wear, instead of what you dream of wearing, means you have a full wardrobe. Those who have a wardrobe full of dream clothes never have anything to wear.

What are dream clothes? Clothes that are in sizes that are currently too small. Those are the clothes you will wear when you finally lose those last 10 pounds.

Perhaps if your lifestyle requires you to walk many miles on pavement everyday, dream clothes would not allow you to comfortably perform those actions. You don’t want restrictive clothes or stiletto heels. What happens is that your morning wardrobe choices are limited to the few pieces of clothing you can wear and those dream clothes are for a someday that may not happen for quite a long time.

Wear What You Love

Florals and polka dots may be in fashion now, but if you have a penchant for plaids and solids, stick to what you love. By purchasing items in fabrics that you love, in clothes that fit properly and fit your life will help build your personal style.

Know What Fits You

Have a pair of quality pants properly tailored. A piece of off the rack clothing that is altered will give you a polished look. You will wear the item differently than others and that will also add to your own personal look.

All in The Accessories

Quality accessories will always elevate a look. They also are an opportunity to show off your personal style. Choose shoes, bags, and belts in colors and styles that are eclectic. For example, it’s likely that not many people will have handcrafted Portuguese footwear. Look for accessories from other countries that will bring some more variety to your wardrobe. 

Have a Signature Color

Picking out a signature color can add to your personal style. Even if you tend to wear neutrals, your signature color gives your overall look a signature style.

This can be a regular pop of color like turquoise or orange. Another option could also be an animal print or zebra print. Make sure that this is a color that fits your personality, your lifestyle, and your environment. If you live in New York City, your signature style will likely not be pastels and shorts.

A signature color removes any sort of decision fatigue that you could experience when picking out your accessories. If your color is royal blue, you can be automatic in that decision. As you build these accessories, you continue to cultivate your signature style.

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