5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin Before and After Wearing Make-Up

If you wear makeup occasionally or often, it is important to take care of your skin. Although makeup is usually marketed as harmless cosmetic products, some can take a toll on your face, especially if you are not practicing good skin care before and after putting on makeup. The following tips can help to keep your face in good condition.

Facial Care

Take care of any skin problems on your face to maintain clean, healthy skin. Conditions like rosacea or acne should be evaluated by a dermatology specialist who can diagnose the problem and prescribe effective treatment. When your facial skin is kept healthy, the use of cosmetics will have few or no negative effects. The dermatologist can recommend cosmetics that work well for people with certain skin types.

Daily Cleansing

Wash your face when you get up in the morning to remove eye or nasal drainage as well as chin dribble that has accumulated while sleeping. Night sweats can also play havoc with your skin. Be sure to clean your face before bedtime as well to remove dust and debris from daily life along with cosmetics that were applied that day. You can also wipe your face with fresh water and a gentle cleanser when you feel unwell or after an exercise session to maintain cleanliness.


Many people need to moisturize their facial skin because it gets extra dry. Choose a moisturizer for your skin type, which may be dry, medium, or oily. Clean your face before applying the moisturizer and don’t use too much. It may help to moisturize your face before applying makeup as well as before bedtime. Drink six to eight glasses of water per day to moisturize from within as well as by applying a moisturizing cream to your skin.

Natural Makeup

Based on your dermatologist’s suggestions, shop for natural makeup that does not contain toxic preservatives or ingredients. If a product makes your skin feel itchy or causes you to break out, switch to another brand and check for better results. Some people like to go without makeup a few days a week or when they are at home to give their face a break.

Makeup Removal

Be sure to remove your makeup gently but completely before going to sleep. Leaving cosmetics on your face for several hours while you toss and turn on your bed pillow can smear the makeup and rub it into your skin, which may be irritating. Makeup that is worn too long can sometimes cause irritations or infections.

Nice makeup makes you look good. But an effective skin care routine will keep you looking great naturally.

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