How to Style an Apartment Balcony to Get the Most Out of the Space

When it comes to styling an apartment balcony, it’s all about slim, small, and functional pieces to get the most out of the little space that you have. Having a balcony as part of your apartment can never replace a spacious backyard, but when styled right it can provide you with a great outdoor space to escape to on a daily basis.

These are some design ideas to keep in mind while looking at luxury apartments for rent with an apartment balcony.

Slim Tables Rule

Add a slim, but functional table to your balcony where you can place things on while you sit and relax. Because of how slim balconies are the slimmer the better, but you still want it to be functional enough to rest things on when you are outside enjoying the view. If you find a table that folds up easily and has a matching chair even better.

Add Lights

Not all balconies have lights, but even if it does have a single porch light it is still a great idea to add a soft lighting element. Lights add a lot to a space at night, elevating the space we are able to see and giving a sense that a porch is bigger than it actually is. Not only that, the remote control led strip lights lend a little romance to the space as well.

Multipurpose Bench Seating

Benches are a great way to maximize the space on a small balcony while also providing seating. A bench can be dressed up for the holidays, hold potted plants, and when you pull up a table up to the bench you have instant extra seating.

Vertical Plants

Plants are always a great addition to porches, adding beauty, interest, and even providing a little bit of privacy. Try adding vertical plants or potting elements to the balcony space available to you. Long planters that can be attached to the balcony and filled with hanging plants are another option that creates drama and screens in your space.

Use Available Wall Space

When you have such a small space to work with, take advantage of any available wall space. So many things can be hung up on a wall to give you just a bit more room to decorate with or store items out on your balcony. A small shelf or a ledge are both great items.

Even with limited balcony space, you can make a statement through your decor. Use some of the above tips to create a fun and relaxing space.

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