8 Eye-Catching Handmade Rings for Everyday Drama

It’s quite safe to say that no other ornament can express as much as a ring can. A symbol of love and commitment, rings have long held a special place in any woman’s jewellery collection. But who says only diamond rings given by your significant other should be worn to grab eyeballs? Jewel Tree London brings to you 8 eye-catching handmade rings that you can wear for some everyday drama!

1.The 5Stack Ring

Why settle for just one ring when you can stack them up? The 5Stack handmade ring from Jewel Tree’s Pure Collection is a statement piece that will add understated glamour to your everyday style. Crafted in sterling silver and finished in 18ct yellow gold.

2. Logo Cube Ring

The cool cube ring features the JTL logo that has been carefully worked into the design. This contemporary handcrafted ring holds an old world gravitas with its weight of 21 grams. Available in sterling silver and gold vermeil, the engraved logo is finished in white gold to accentuate the grid.

The Original Icon Ring

This signature design from Jewel Tree Design’s Hive collection captures the interesting play of light between different geometric planes. The ring can be purchased in sterling silver as well as 18ct gold vermeil.

Pure Double Ring

Another sleek design from the Pure collection, JLT’s handcrafted Double Ring will feel beautiful and fit snugly between your fingers.

The 7Cube Ring

This edgy design from Jewel Tree’s Pure collection is sure to grab everyone’s attention and make for a cool and bold addition to your jewellery box.

Urban Bar Ring

This gorgeous design from the Urban collection is exactly what the modern woman needs. Perfect for everyday work style or a fun night out with the girls. For the stone, you can choose from Lapis Lazuli, Red Onyx, Green Onyx, Labradorite and Black Onyx.

Hive Ring

The chic looking Hive rings are unisex rings are inspired by cityscapes and geometry in nature.

This Jewel Tree inclusive is cast in sterling silver and also available in 18ct gold vermeil.

Forest Leaf Ring

From Jewel Tree London’s exquisite Forest collection comes this cool leaf shaped ring that is reminiscent of Greco-Roman jewellery formed from beaten sheets of gold. Available in both sterling silver and gold vermeil, the handmade forest leaf ring has a uni-sex appeal and makes for a great thumb ring even.

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