How to Style the Perfect Den for Grown-Ups

The living room is a great place for the entire family to gather and spend some quality time with each other. While these moments are important and special, it’s also nice to have an area of your home where you can escape from the kids and get some peace after a long day. If you have the luxury of space in your home, perhaps turning one of those room into a den for grown-ups is a good idea. If this is something you think you’d like to do at home, here are some styling tips on how to create the perfect hideaway from the kids.


Warm Colors

The den is going to be a place where you can go and relax in the evenings after the kids go to bed, and its décor should reflect that. To make your den feel cozy, choose warm colors to decorate it with, and add some comfortable cushions and throws that you can keep yourself warm with on the couch in the colder months.


Get a Fireplace

What’s more relaxing than a fireplace? Your den will be the ultimate grown-up hideaway if you have a roaring fire to enjoy. Even electric models will help to create the perfect atmosphere and are easy to buy and set-up. If you want to have a wood-burning or gas fire installed, it’s easier than you think. You can look at various models at stores like, who also specialize in reproduced fireplaces if you are interested in a more classic look for your den.

Leather Furniture

Leather furniture will look fabulous in a grown-ups den, and as it’s a kid-free zone, you won’t have to worry about sticky fingers, spills, or rips! Find a Chesterfield sofa if you opting for a more vintage style, or choose a modern corner sofa for extra comfort. You could also purchase some big armchairs that will be perfect for reading a book by the fireplace! 


Drinks Cabinet

No grown-up den would be complete without a drink’s cabinet in the corner. Fill it with your favorite wines and spirits for cocktail hour when entertaining, or simply to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine after a long day. Not a drinker? You don’t have to fill a drinks cabinet with booze, just put your favorite soft drinks in there instead, or some luxury coffee.


Whether you have a carpet of hardwood floors, a rug will help to bring the room together and add another layer of coziness. As you don’t need to worry about the kids, you could invest in a more expensive design, or a handmade Persian rug to add some luxury to your den. 

It is important to spend time with your kids, but it’s just as important to make time for yourself. Whether you live with a partner or are a single parent, consider creating a grown-up den in your home to give you some privacy and space where you can just be yourself and unwind when the kids aren’t around. 

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