Why Firm Mattresses is the Best Solution Your Overall Health? Sleeping Myths Explained

You might think that softer mattresses are the best option for great sleep. However, you’d be surprised at how many benefits the firm alternative has to offer.

When you think of sleep, you might imagine clouds and pillowy comfort instead of a rock slab or rigid surface. However, The Sleep Doctor list of the best firm mattresses proves that a more stiff surface can improve spinal alignment and help stomach and back sleepers in a big way. A mattress that provides some pushback comes with many positives.

Narrowing Down the List

It can be challenging to choose a mattress. Consider the personal variables involved. Some include chronic joint pain, potential partners, sleeping position, body heat, and elevation. This is even more complicated when you mix in the variety of common mattress types. These include:

  • Gel
  • Memory foam
  • Pillow tops
  • Air beds
  • Water beds
  • Adjustable bases
  • Latex mattresses
  • Innerspring

With so many details to consider, you might need some help in making a decision. You can read down below to know the reason, why choosing a pressure relieving mattress might be the best option.

Your Sleeping Style

Do you sleep on your back? Maybe you lay on your side like most people. Regardless, it’s important to find out your preferred style. This is one of the most relevant factors when choosing a mattress.

If you’ve suffered from sleep apnea, for example, you’ll want a mattress that supports the different horizontal positions to reduce snoring. Often, a soft cloud-like bed can actually worsen your symptoms.

A firm mattress might work for those that are used to and feel comfortable with the supine sleeping position. Laying on your back to doze off is one of the worst styles, though. On the other hand, a cushion that gives way is great for people who sleep in a downwards position where their stomach can fit comfortably on the mattress.

Once you dive into the sea of information for the different bed types, though, it’s easy to see that the firm alternative offers more to people with some kind of ailment. This is, in part, because the bones receive most of the pressure. This means less stress on veins, arteries, and muscles. As if that weren’t enough, it also improves circulation.

Why Firmer is Better

As mentioned before, a more rigid surface for sleep comes with quite a few benefits. Health issues aside, firm mattresses last longer. Over time, you might find yourself sinking into it and leaving a bit of a dent. However, you’ll leave a deeper imprint on a softer option in a much shorter time.

If you sleep with a significant other, weak support can cause havoc. If you’re heavier than your partner, they’ll eventually start sinking towards you over time. This doesn’t hold true for the firm option. There’s also less motion propagation, meaning you can adjust your sleeping position without waking your other half in the middle of the night.

A tougher mattress prevents your lower back from collapsing. Don’t worry; it’s not as bad as it sounds. This means you sag less, have better weight distribution, and it’s easier for you to breathe. 

Where Firmer Falls Short

People suffering from chronic back pain, scoliosis, or arthritis, should avoid a firm mattress as it can worsen symptoms. In fact, if you suffer from any of the aforementioned issues, you should consider consulting a physician on what sleeping arrangement would most benefit you. It’s highly likely they’ll recommend a soft mattress for those three conditions.

The only other problem with a firm bed involves personal preference. It’s quite simple, too. If you don’t like to sleep on a firm mattress, you probably don’t want one. However, some cultures prefer it. In fact, many Japanese people sleep on the floor. They lay down a blanket, and they’re all set.

Putting the Question to Rest

In the end, a firm option is often better. Consider your sleeping position, medical conditions, and personal preference before making a purchase. There are so many benefits that come with a tougher mattress, it’s likely that you’ll get a better night’s rest with one.

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