How to Be More Sustainable

People are now becoming more aware of the fact that damage is being caused to the planet and especially wildlife and as a result, are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint to protect our world for future generations. Although you may not pay much attention to your day-to-day activities, the smallest decisions can greatly impact the planet – from the clothing you wear to the car you drive and even how long you leave the heating on in the house. With this in mind, it has never been more important to live a more sustainable lifestyle. In this guide, we’re going to list several ways you can achieve this:

Reduce household energy use

During the winter months, you may be using far more energy than any other season, simply due to the cooler weather and spending more time in the home. It can be easy to waste energy that can cause colossal damage to the environment if every single person becomes ignorant of energy usage. You can reduce your household energy use as follows:

  • Switch off lights and appliances when they’re not being used.
  • Invest in energy-efficient devices where possible.
  • Open windows to cool the room temperature instead of using air conditioning.
  • Hang clothes on the washing line as opposed to using the tumble dryer.
  • Replace bright light bulbs with low energy bulbs.

Go plastic-free

It is extremely difficult not to purchase any plastic as most items we purchase are wrapped in plastic packaging, however, this has become a global issue in recent years as 40% of used plastic has landed in the ocean and is harming and killing sea creatures. You should, however, attempt to cut down on your plastic use by re-using plastic bags, refilling water bottles and avoid purchasing products that have been wrapped in plastic to reduce your carbon footprint.

Purchase eco-friendly clothing

Clothing is another item that ends up on landfill after a closet clear-out and when the material is non-bio-degradable, it can take years to decompose. You should make the effort to only purchase clothing from brands that have been created from eco-friendly fabrics in a sustainable process. is just one example of a brand that creates women’s T-shirts from organic, quality fabric to last you for the years to come.

Recycle, sell or donate items

Make an effort to recycle as much as possible. Most neighborhoods have a recycling pick-up on a weekly or monthly basis, but if this isn’t the case in your situation, find a drop-off service or a company that will take your clothing or items off your hands and recycle them on your behalf.

There is also the option of selling or donating items that you don’t want to throw away and could have a second life elsewhere. By choosing to do so, you’re ultimately preventing disposable products from ending up on landfill. There are many platforms in which you can sell your unwanted goods online, or you may simply wish to do a good deed and donate them to a charity store. 

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