Top 6 Lotion Ingredients To Moisturize Your Old Tattoos

Tattoos are the best ways to express your attitude and expressions. Millions of people like to wear a tattoo on different parts of their skin to enhance their appearance and style. Moisturizing your tattoo is equally important. For skin nourishment and tattoos to shine, you should use one of the best lotions for old tattoos. When you have to moisturize your tattoo, a lotion is critical. There is a myth that a tattoo should be left dry after leaving the tattoo shop. But science has proven it wrong. For an old tattoo, a premium quality lotion is perfect for the healing process.

Before you buy a lotion, make sure you buy a fragrance-free and chemical-free lotion. The lotion should comprise of quality ingredients with the absence of colorants. It must also be highly breathable that prevents infection and moisturizes your skin.

Explore the list of key ingredients, factors, and tips to consider that makes your tattoo shiner and better.

Salicylic acid lotion – Recommended by dermatologists, the salicylic acid lotion helps in skin smoothening. It exfoliates and moisturizes the skin by restoring the skin barrier. The salicylic acid repairs the rough and bumpy skin and renews the skin surface with three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II). Choose a formula- based hypoallergenic lotion that includes salicylic lotion and lactic acid. Such a lotion is fragrance-free, gentle, and non-comedogenic.

Butter lotion – A thicker product is recommended by dermatologists to treat and repair rough and bumpy skin. The butter-based lotion is 100% natural and vegan that is a great alternative to petroleum-based products. It keeps your skin supple and moist.

Hydration nourishment lotions – For both old and new tattoos, hydration is extremely important. The water-based lotion has a light texture that moisturizes your old tattoos. The water-based lotion also includes grapeseed oil, glycerin, vitamin B-5, and soybean seed extracts. Such water-based lotions are an excellent way for the aftercare of new and old tattoos.

Organic herbs salve – These lotions are infused with organic herbs and are chemical-free. Such lotions are very effective in treating issues like itching and skin irritation. It also reduces inflammation and infection and provides a thin layer of protection. The natural lotions are much thicker and greasier than any other lotion.

Glycolic acid lotion – Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliant. Glycolic acid not only hydrates the skin but also treats the cracked elbows, knuckles, and heels. The fragrance-free formula is skin-friendly as it has a pH of 4.0. It is acidic and prevents irritation and boosts collagen production that nourishes the skin.

Vitamin-based therapy lotion – To heal the dry skin, the ointment comprises vitamin A, C, D, and E without grease. You have to apply it once in 24 hours on your old tattoo to make it look new again. Vitamin A improves the elasticity of the skin, Vitamin C promotes healthy development and collagen formation and Vitamin E protects the layers of the skin and reduces lipid loss.

It is advised not to use any lotion on your tattoo. As your tattoo is an open wound, hence use a specific lotion/cream catering to the treatment of tattooed skin.

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