Moving to the Suburbs from The City: Tips to Make it Happen

Sometimes it is time for a change, and some people decide to leave the busy city life to settle down in the suburbs instead. Change is inevitable, but moving from the city to the suburbs is a more considerable change than most people may realize. You are not just changing homes; you are changing environments and lifestyles whether you consciously know it or not. There is more to a move than you might see on the surface. When you leave the city, you leave behind a known network and environment in exchange for an entirely new and diverse environment. Unless you are prepared and aware of the changes, you could be blindsided by things you never considered. Moving is an often expensive and stressful ordeal, but you can make your move far more manageable with some tips and tricks. While everyone’s move is unique, there are some things everyone should look out for and consider when moving from the city to the suburbs. Below are just a few things to keep in mind and tricks to use when you leave city life behind and settle down in a quieter suburb. 

An Honest Look At Both Situations

Some people may feel tired of city life and think they would be happier in a quiet suburb, but sometimes the dream is better than the reality. Before you spend time and money getting a move together, make sure you are not falling for the grass that is always greener on the other side by honestly comparing both living options. You can make a literal list of pros and cons for both locations to help you decide what you care about the most. Consider what you gain and lose by moving. Moving to the suburbs might bring you a quieter, slower life, but how long is your new commute, and are you willing to deal with neighborhood drama? No matter where you move, no place will ever be perfect, so it is about deciding which things you are willing to give up, deal with, and or replace. 

The New House

One of the most appealing parts of moving to the suburbs is the possibility of getting a house rather than city living which is typically restricted to apartments. Owning your own home is an exciting prospect, but there are more complications that come with owning a house rather than renting an apartment. In a home, you are responsible for everything, and there is no maintenance number to call for a maintenance specialist to stop by in a few hours. If your water heater needs replacing, you are on the hook for a new propane water heater rather than the apartment complex. Buying a house in the suburbs will give you more space to spread out and expand than living in the city, but that situation is not a perfect fit for everyone. Make sure you are ready for the reality of owning a house and not just in love with the idea before you make this massive commitment that is not easy to undo. 

Around Your New House

Your new house in the suburbs is not in a bubble, and you will have to adjust to the new life around your house. Do you care about nearby schools and how life will be for future kids? What about your new neighbors and potential homeowners associations? Do you rely on public transit in the city, and if so, do you have a plan for getting around the suburbs without a public transit network? What restaurants, stores, and other fun activities are near your new house? The answers to these questions might be all positive aspects of your move or elements you never considered. Not all aspects of moving to the suburbs are potentially negative as many people purposefully look forward to a slower life with a handful of neighbors rather than a city block full. The suburbs will have less traffic, less noise, and fewer people nearby, which is precisely what some people want and a dream other people will try to convince themselves they love. 

Moving out of the city is a significant lifestyle change that you should seriously consider and plan before you arrive in the suburbs. Big life changes like changing environments are more significant than you might think. Make sure you really want to move and have considered all the changes you will face after moving. Look at your new house and what is around your house to ensure your new living space will make you as happy, if not happier, than living in the city.

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Naomi Shaw is a freelance journalist residing in sunny Southern California with her husband and three children. She is a work-at-home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, jewelry, and everything weddings!

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