Lashes, Lips and Hips: How To Look Expensive On A Budget

Trying to look glamorous is a lot of fun, but most people say that it can break the bank. It doesn’t have to be that way. Even celebrities like Eva Mendes and Anne Hathaway watch their pennies and look for bargains to enhance their wardrobes, and non-famous people can also create a stylish look and still remain within their budget. All it takes is a little research online, a fashion perspective, street style knowledge, and anyone can pull off an enviable, luxe image.

Scoring at The Thrift Store

Sarah Jessica Parker is a wealthy star no doubt, but even she has humble roots when it comes to dressing like a sophisticated woman. Her advice is to hit up the thrift stores where amazing deals and garments can be discovered.

Before “Sex and the City,” Parker learned from her stylish mother to look for bargains, and thrift stores can offer some fab options. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Fashionistas can check out stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul.

Finding A Great Tailor for Fit

Wearing nice clothing is one thing but showing off gorgeous garments that fit one’s body perfectly takes an outfit to the ultimate, glam level. There’s nothing worse than seeing slacks that are too long dragging on the pavement or a dress that is too small putting the spotlight on belly fat, etc.

Even celebrities make these common fashion faux pas once in a while.

To look expensive, clothing needs to drape the physique and flatter it no matter how curvy or non-curvy it is. That’s where an experienced tailor comes in. This professional can resize and readjust garments so that they fit beautifully for any individual body shape and size.

Finding clothing on a budget is a particularly good thing because it leaves extra money for the tailor to create an incredible fit.

Rocking Classic, Timeless Pieces

Another method for looking expensive on a budget concerns the type of clothing to hunt for. It’s fine to land some high-brand labels, but to look rich and polished, fashion stylists recommend sticking to the classics that can be worn year after year.

Some of these stylish gems include dark wash jeans, a trench coat, a white tee-shirt, a pencil skirt, a little black Bodycon dress, black pumps, loafers, a blazer, etc.

Beautiful clothing is the most important step to looking expensive on a budget. Then adding makeup, a great haircut and color complete the package.

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