3 Major Benefits of PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field uses electromagnetic frequency technology emitting various frequencies which trigger your body’s natural healing process. It involves the use of various types of devices. Irrespective of its design or form, every PEMF machine offers the following uses.

●      It helps to improve circulation by enabling cells to restore their charge, helping blood vessels to dilate, reducing bruising and swelling.

●      Researches show that regular use of this therapy alleviates inflammation and regulates cytokine secretion, an anti-inflammatory protein.

●      It has proven as an effective therapy for pain management.

●      It deals both with the symptoms and their underlying root cause.

How PEMF Therapy Works?

Studies show that the electromagnetic field generated by the earth is as crucial for human wellness as other vital body needs like water, food, and sleep. The idea got recognition when NASA first employed PEMF therapy to maintain the health of astronauts. These are designed to emit electromagnetic waves with frequencies similar to those emitted by the earth. These waves interact with tissues to accelerate the regeneration and self-healing process in them. All these devices work on the same principle.

3 Major Benefits of PEMF Therapy

The benefits of this therapy are as follows:

1. Treating Back Pain

PEMF is the best equipment for treating back or larger body areas and improving circulation. Plus, this therapy generates lower intensity for overall body treatment. Several coils in the mat produce electromagnetic fields at quoted intensities. So the overall effective energy the mats yield is higher than the maximum individual intensity for a point on the mat. Some PEMF portable devices have several coils others may have a single long coil. Both the mechanisms provide optimum field intensity distributed evenly. The recovery may take a few days, weeks, or months. The pace of recovery varies with the body’s condition, intensity, and duration of the session.

2. Enhance Cellular Performance

PEMF pads have been in use by professional athletes to enhance cellular performance and healing. The machines enhance sports performance by treating pain, either acute or chronic, as a result of repetitive, intense movements. Overtraining could result in strained muscles, torn muscles, osteoarthritis, reducing athlete’s ability to perform.

PEMF therapy is a risk-free companion for daily improving athlete performance. It may affect your body’s acupuncture points. The body’s pressure points are also influenced by electrical and magnetic stimulations. You can name it a no-needle acupuncture treatment.

3. Treat Joints, Shoulders, and More

PEMF portable devices treat local areas as joints of elbows, shoulder, wrist, knee, face, brain, lower back. These are less costly as compared to mats. You can use these devices for a longer duration while sleeping, working, or relaxing.

Nowadays, many app-controlled wearable devices are available that operate in collaboration with smartphone apps. These apps provide complete personalized control over monitoring your recovery and healing.

Which Devices Should You Use?

1.    Heated Pillow

Heated pillows are game-changing PEMF devices. These provide warmth to your neck, shoulder and back and soothe muscle tensions. Some machines use natural tourmaline and jade stones which on heating emit natural infrared rays that cure muscle tension and soreness.

2.    High-Intensity PEMF Devices

High-intensity PEMF devices are suitable for medical experts who want fast results. These machines provide high-intensity, high-energy magnetic fields to penetrate deeper body areas. Some nasty issues lurk deep within your body. The strength of the magnetic field reduces as the distance from the source increases. In such a case, higher intensities are recommended. Mostly, high-intensity devices provide a range of frequencies that caters to various requirements, effective both in clinical and domestic settings. Because of their high-energy feature, home users prefer PEMF mats for mild stimulation.

Final Words

PEMF wellness therapy has brought about a revolution in treating multiple health conditions. So, what are you waiting for? Go try this therapy before it’s too late.

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