Ouch! 7 Tips to Avoid Body Wax Disasters

Waxing body hair is preferred to shaving for several reasons. When you’re able to wax your hair, you pull the hair from the root. This means a smoother and longer-lasting finish. 

When you shave, you may experience dry skin, prickly hair stubs, and irritated skin. Body wax is an excellent alternative to shaving, but only if done the correct way. Similar to shaving, you can experience waxing mishaps if you don’t take the proper waxing steps. 

Although you know you want to wax over shave, you most likely have a few questions in mind. Many find themselves wondering, “should I wax at home or should I book a waxing appointment?” What’s the best and safest way to wax?

In the guide below, you’ll find several waxing safety tips. Continue reading below to learn how to wax safely and get perfectly smooth skin!

1. Prepare Your Station

Before you wax yourself at home or have someone else wax you at a salon, do be sure the station is prepared first. The type of body wax being used will determine how the station needs to be prepared, so keep this in mind when doing so. Is the wax resin-based or sugar-based?

If using sugar wax, you’ll need to wash the area of skin before waxing. This helps remove the oil from your skin, allowing the sugar wax to work correctly. You won’t have to worry about this when using resin-based wax. 

When using resin-based wax, it’s best to have your natural oils on your skin to prevent the wax from sticking to the skin too harshly. Aside from preparing the skin, you also want to prepare all of your waxing equipment. Have it ready to go and nearby so you won’t have to get up to grab something. 

2. Avoid Using Too Much Wax

Waxing is an exciting experience, especially when you’re excited to see the results. However, you want to avoid becoming too wax happy. It’s a common misconception that using a lot of wax will give you better results. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Using too much wax will create a sticky mess that’s not necessary. You only need to use a thin layer of wax over the skin to get the best results. 

Take your time, spread the wax in a thin layer, and only apply the wax on the area of skin where you’re ready to wax right away. 

3. Heat the Wax to the Appropriate Temperature

Heating the wax to the right temperature is another crucial step in waxing without error. For those waxing at home, this might take some time to get it right. Keep in mind, you need to wait until the temperature is right before using the wax.

Overheating the wax can cause it to become runny and may even cause burns on the skin. You can tell you overheated it by looking at the consistency. If it’s running off the stick, then it might be too hot. 

Underheating the wax can cause it to be too thick with a putty-like consistency. Neither of these scenarios is ideal for a good wax.

4. Let Your Hair Grow Long Enough

Getting that smooth and long-lasting finish on your skin is something to get excited about, but don’t let that excitement force you into waxing too soon. If you want the best outcome possible, then you need to let your hair grow long enough. If the hair isn’t long enough, then the wax will have a difficult time sticking to the hairs.

The hair should be about 1/4 of an inch long before trying to wax it. It may take up to three weeks for the hair to grow this long. If the hairs are longer than this, then you may want to consider trimming them back a bit first. 

Hair that’s too long can make for a painful and messy wax. 

5. Get Ready to Wax Quickly

You’ve followed all the necessary steps, and you’re ready to wax! Now that you’re ready to actually pull the wax strip, you’re having second thoughts most likely triggered by the fear of pain. Being fearful of the pain might cause some people to pull the wax strip off slowly. 

Do not do this. You want to pull it off quickly just like a bandaid. Pulling the stip off quickly will actually give you a better wax with less pain. 

6. Wax Without Alcohol or Caffeine 

Drinking alcohol before waxing might seem like a great solution to calm nerves and have a more relaxing experience, but you’ll need to reconsider. Drinking alcohol or caffeine before waxing causes the skin to become more sensitive. To enjoy your waxing experience and prevent skin irritation and pain, do be sure to save the alcohol and caffeine for later. 

7. Remember Your Aftercare Routine

One of the last things to keep in mind is your aftercare routine. After waxing, you should avoid taking hot baths or showers. Your skin could have a negative reaction to such directly after a wax. 

Wearing tight clothing could cause skin irritations as well, so be sure to dress appropriately to keep your skin happy. You also want to avoid using scented lotions, perfumes, and deodorant on the waxed area and avoid touching it when possible. These steps will help keep your skin happy and healthy. 

With the Right Body Wax Tips, You’ll Avoid Waxing Disasters

When you follow all the right body wax tips, you can avoid waxing mishaps and disasters. Be sure to keep this guide in mind when either waxing at home or visiting a salon. Are you interested in more makeup or beauty topics?

If so, be sure to check back here on a regular basis for more!

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