4 Gifts That Couples Who Like to Entertain Should Always Put on Their Wedding Registry

Some couples stand out for throwing amazing parties. If this is you, your wedding offers an excellent opportunity to get some new items that can take your events up a notch. Here are four gifts that couples who like to entertain should always put on their registry.

Dinnerware Sets

If you like to host dinners, luncheons, or brunches, matching dishes can elevate the gathering. If you and your partner currently have a mismatched collection of dishware, this is a great opportunity to replace those. The dinnerware you choose should be both functional and stylish to ensure that every dish has a place on the buffet tables and every guest has the proper plates, bowls, silverware, and glassware. You can look online for affordable yet attractive sets that have items you don’t currently already have, such as serving spoons and serving plates. Don’t make the mistake of going too fancy or trendy, as you want to be able to use the dinnerware set for many occasions in the years to come.

Bar Items

For many, gatherings and get-togethers with friends and family involve drinks or a bar. If you enjoy mixing drinks to serve at parties or if you host wine tastings, you will want to ensure that you have the proper glasses and tools. Depending on the drinks you serve most, you will need rocks glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes, shot glasses, highball glasses, and beer mugs. In addition to having the right glassware, for a properly equipped bar, you should consider adding the following items on your registry:

  • Drink smoker
  • Jigger
  • Decanter
  • Drink shaker
  • Ice makers
  • Wine rack
  • Mixing tools

BBQ Essentials

In the summertime, many people like to take the party outside. You can use your wedding as an opportunity to get some high-end barbecue essentials to really make the most out of your grilled creations. You need a proper grill, grilling tools, outdoor serving equipment, and also comfortable accommodations for people to eat. Use this as an opportunity to turn your back porch into a relaxing getaway in the summer for you and your spouse as well as your friends and family.

Coffee or Espresso Machine

If you’re hosting brunch, your guests will likely want some delicious coffee to go with breakfast. You can eliminate the need for a run to the coffee shop by putting a high-end coffee machine or espresso machine on your registry so that you can make your own caffeinated delicacies at home. In addition to having nice drinks to serve to guests, you will save a lot of money on coffee in your day-to-day routine. Don’t forget to include plenty of matching coffee mugs.

You and your betrothed are inviting everyone to a party, and you can use this opportunity to make your future parties at home even better than before by adding these items to your registry. Just make sure you invite everyone to the next shindig!

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