Wedding Season, own a ring for a reason

Wedding season is here and this year it is expected to be busier as the limitations due to the pandemic are lifted and many couples who have postponed their big day, now are ready to tie the knot. We are sure you have started organising everything to perfection to make sure your wedding day finds you ready. If you are looking for a wedding ring for your special lady, choose one for a reason and we mean that literally. Don’t just select a piece just because a sales person suggested it or you saw it on another bride. You need a more special reason to end up with your final decision. Either you are selecting together with your fiancée or you have taken on this responsibility yourself, the ring you pick has to match her personality. Let’s see some characteristics which can be your guide when you are looking for the right wedding ring.

For The Dynamic Woman

Nowadays females have managed great achievements and established themselves in the society. A woman can be confident and become a leader in her work field. This type of woman has broken the stereotypes that want females to be fragile and weak. With her bold behavior she makes her presence apparent wherever she goes. Her appearance indicates her strength and she takes the risk to wear extravagant jewelry. Look through special promise rings that she will enjoy to show off. She may not be afraid to experiment with unconventional pieces.

For The Romantic Soul

Despite the vigor of the contemporary woman, there are sensitive ladies who believe in romanticism. They may have dreamed of their wedding to be as a fairy tale and they are waiting for their prince. In this case, princess cut wedding rings are the right choice. You can choose a delicate design or go for a more elaborate and royal shape. As she may have arranged every detail in her mind from an early age, most probably she has already mentioned how she imagines the perfect ring for her. So, if you want to surprise her with the ring of her dreams, keep notes whenever she talks about how she has planned everything. Very probably she is traditional and chooses a style that never goes out of style.

For The Minimalist Bride

Although most women love wearing jewelry, some prefer to wear discreet adornments. Either because of someone’s personal taste or due to the nature of their work, they wear more minimalistic type of accessories. You can find simple styles on engagement rings sale and they are also a great choice for women who rarely wear any jewelry. A plain design is easier to wear every day and goes with both casual and formal outfits.

For The Dark Beauty

When a woman gets married she wants to look her best, but she shouldn’t try to be somebody else. If a woman’s lifestyle is dark, she should find a wedding ring to incorporate to her personal style. Don’t buy a ring that you are not going to wear after the bridal ceremony. There are beautiful designs to match your Gothic or Rock attitude. There are unique stone colors like amethyst purple or garnet red if you feel that diamond white is not for you.

For The Trendsetter

A passionate fashionista always takes care of her appearance and follows the latest trends. You can pick a ring that is trendy and matches her style. A woman who is a fashion follower usually doesn’t want to go unnoticed, so she probably likes to make heads turn with her clothes and accessories. Nevertheless, be aware that trends don’t last forever and you have to buy something that will last in time. Although you can buy a pair of shoes and get rid of it the next year, you can shop more wisely when it comes to the ring that you are going to wear for the rest of your life.

The Retro Lover

Not everybody likes modern stuff. On the contrary, vintage and retro items have a great audience. There are two edges, the people who don’t like anything classical and those who love living in the past. For the latter, many times this love is reflected both on their home decor and their personal appearance. As a result, they manage to discover old pieces which are like little treasures to them or identical pieces which are more affordable. In each case, your bride will be delighted to receive an original antique ring or a replica which travels her back in time.

The Conclusion

By now, you should know your other half well enough to find the ring that will steal her heart according to her traits. If you can’t trust your instinct, let her choose for herself to make sure she is satisfied with her ring. The tips above will help you find the right ring based on her personality. But in the end, it is the life that you are going to share with your partner and the memories you are going to create together that matter the most. A beautiful ring will be the detail to seal the deal.

Do you recognise yourself or your loved one in any of the characteristics above? Write to us in the comments section which type of ring you would choose for yourself and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends to help them find the right ring for them.

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