Tips for Restoring Your Old Home’s Exterior

Restoring your old home’s exterior doesn’t have to be difficult. Understanding when to restore certain parts of your exterior, what investments are worth it, and why you should restore them is essential. Here are a few tips for restoring your old home’s exterior.

Understand When to Maintain and Restore Your Exterior

One of the first things you should do when planning to restore your old home’s exterior is to write down the maintenance cycles. When was the last time the roof was repaired or replaced? When was the last time the siding was repaired or replaced? Knowing these cycles can help you budget for those repairs.

Get Long-Lasting Materials

You don’t want to have to restore your home again in just a few years. You want to do it once, and then not have to worry about it again for a few decades, at least. To do that, you need to choose high-quality materials that are built to last. The exterior of your home sees a lot of abuse. It’s the first line of defense against water damage and extreme temperatures. It’s worth investing in. One material you should consider is heartwood rather than sapwood for woodworking projects. Heartwood is the most disease-resistant. When it comes to mortar for masonry, you should try and match the mortar with the rest that’s used for the house. You’ll also want to use the right kind of cement. Using the wrong kind can end up making hard mortar which can damage older buildings.

Consider Replacing or Repairing

There comes a point when repairing your exterior is just a waste of money. Older roofs, for example, are better suited for a replacement than a repair. You’ll end up needing to strip off the newly repaired parts to fix the rest of the roof when it comes time to replace it. Instead, just focus your budget on replacing it the first time. It will save you money in the long run and you’ll likely face fewer problems in the short run.

Repair Windows

If you have an older home, then you may have wooden windows. These are built to last for centuries. You should do what you can to maintain and repair them as needed. If insulation is a concern, then you can always add weather stripping to the windows.

To ensure your old home’s exterior receives the care it deserves, you should contact a local company, like PM Roberts LLC. Through maintenance and repairs, you can transform your exterior and make it practically new. Restoring your old home’s exterior can keep your family safe.

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