4 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Men are notoriously hard to buy for, and when it comes to gift-giving at Christmas, everyone has a go-to gift for the men in their life. Whether yours is a Christmas sweater, a bottle of their favorite tipple, or some festive socks, why not take gift-giving to the next level by giving him something a bit different this year. No matter what your man is into, here are a few unusual gift ideas that will make him light up this Christmas.

MasterClass Subscription For the Man Who Loves to Learn

If the man in your life is a natural academic or is particularly passionate about a certain subject, then a MasterClass subscription is their perfect gift. MasterClass is a streaming platform that features hundreds of video lessons led by experts in their respective fields. A subscriber can learn from the best and enhance their knowledge by accessing a diverse range of video lectures. If a loved one has a penchant for film, they can access filmmaking lessons from the critically acclaimed film director James Cameron. Michelin chef Gordon Ramsay is on hand to teach the modern man how to recreate restaurant dishes at home, and Oscar-winning Hans Zimmer can give budding composers invaluable information about film scoring.

Suspension Trainer Kit For the Fitness Fanatic

Fitness nuts who are all about the gains will appreciate a suspension trainer kit to help them create their own home gym. Suspension training systems are an excellent piece of kit for overall fitness. From hamstring curls to push-ups, trainers can be used to enhance different types of exercises. Using the straps to suspend the body and your own body weight as resistance, a suspension trainer offers an effective and versatile full-body workout. It is the ideal gift for a fitness fanatic who wants to get fit at home, and it takes up very little space.

Classic Gift of Cologne

A classic gift most men appreciate is a bottle of good cologne. Whether your man has a signature scent or likes to match his cologne to the occasion, a lasting fragrance can uplift the spirits and help people feel good about themselves. There are many different fragrances to choose from, and it is a good idea to match the scent to your man’s tastes. Tom Ford perfume is an excellent choice. As a respected fashion designer, Tom Ford fragrances are both trendy and high quality. From the classic Tom Ford for Men to the woody Oud fragrances, there is something for everyone in the Tom Ford collection.

Gig Tickets For Music Lovers

Who doesn’t love bopping along to live music, especially when it’s an amazing band playing? Gig tickets are the ideal gift for people with a favorite band and music lovers in general. To truly surprise your man this Christmas, disguise your gift by wrapping the tickets up inside a band tee or roll it up in a poster, so that they have some more long-lasting to keep too. 

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