Beauty Tips: Golden Rules of Makeup for your Skin

Healthy and clear skin is a universal goal, but each person must find their own path toward enlightenment, so to speak. Our skin says a lot about the way we are caring for our bodies, and is often one of the first things people notice when they meet and size us up. It’s important to your confidence and self-image to invest in a skincare routine and makeup products that will do far more good for your skin beyond masking blemishes. Let’s explore the elements of a good skincare routine, and how to determine the best products for your most precious physical resource – your skin.

1. The importance of your Skincare Routine and your Makeup 

Skincare expert Dr. Stephen T Greenberg says “Skincare is the link between all anti-aging strategies. Effective skin care should be professional grade inclusive of peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and sun protection.”  All these elements perform unique and vital functions, medically proven to make skin healthier and more beautiful. But how do you determine what specific elements you need for your unique skin-type?

2. Skin Type and Products 

No two skin-types are exactly the same, so your first step toward more beautiful and vibrant skin is to determine your specific needs. Is your skin normal or oily? Do you have problem areas, or persistent acne? Is your skin sensitive to the sun or different products? It’s time to do your research, determine your goals, and set out a clear path toward success. Before you spend any money on new products, it’s time to develop lifestyle and eating habits that are proven to make skin healthier.

3. Tips for Beautiful Skin

·  Healthy eating The Mayo Clinic recommends eating skin-friendly foods like carrots, spinach, tomatoes, berries, beans, fatty fish and nuts. This type of food will create a natural protective barrier that will make your skin brighter and more resilient.

·  Regular skincare routine – Once you’ve updated your eating habits, you must focus on a consistent skincare routine where you wash, exfoliate and moisturize daily. Don’t forget your lips and eyes, which need constant moisture and hydration!

·  Hydration – Did you know your skin is made up of 70% water? Hydrated skin glows, looks clearer and more even, and has fewer wrinkles and unsightly blemishes. Simply put, if you want better skin, drink more water and hydrate or moisturize your skin often, especially after being out in the sun or participating in sports.

·  Exfoliation – Your skin sheds tens of thousands of cells per minute, making it vital that you exfoliate regularly, to avoid dead skin cells clogging pores, and creating blemishes. Gentle exfoliation with a pH-neutral product 1-2 times per week can purify and clear up your skin in no time.

·  Add Vitamins – It’s important to remember that vitamins are distributed to all parts of your body, leaving only a portion of your vitamin intake responsible for skin. Increasing your intake of vitamins is important to healthy skin tone and longevity. Try incorporating more Vitamin A for cell repair or maintenance, Vitamin C for antioxidants that protect skin cells, or Vitamin K for dark under-eye circles.  

4. Makeup

Now that you have adopted these skin-healthy habits, it’s time to consider your makeup. It’s important to invest in good quality products, and check the ingredients for skin-friendly cosmetic dyes. Before you apply makeup, make sure to moisturize everything from your lips to your hairline. This will help you avoid that “caked-on” look of cheaper and less healthy makeup products. Check your makeup products for vitamins and moisturizers, and use the most natural products you can find for an extra boost. Some even go so far as to use a moisturizing fixative spray, for longer lasting makeup and a more glowing look.

Nature has given us so many skin-friendly resources, in lavender, aloe, honey and even ginseng. It’s important that you patronize makeup companies who prioritize the health of your skin over masking imperfections. Take some extra time today to look at cream, cosmetic, serum and soap ingredients, to ensure you are using the most reputable and healthy beauty products. Incorporate these skin-friendly tips and tricks today to ensure your skin is healthy, vibrant in the long-term.

About the author:

Naomi Shaw is a freelance journalist residing in sunny Southern California with her husband and three children. She is a work-at-home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, jewelry, and everything weddings!

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