7 Awesome Activities for a Girls Night Out

Are you hoping to take full advantage of the nightlife to be found across New Jersey? If so, be sure to consider the seven suggestions mentioned below so that you can plan a memorable evening with the girls. 

Check Out a Comedy Club

Live comedy clubs are a great way to start your night off in the right foot. There are plenty of venues to consider, so make it a point to search through this comprehensive guide to determine which one is best suited for your tastes. 

Cocktail Courses

Have you always dreamed of becoming a bartender? If so, there are many hands-on courses that will teach you how to make a tasty cocktail. When we then remember that you are allowed to drink your creations, little is left to the imagination in terms of fun. 

Dinner and a Movie

While this suggestion may be a bit more traditional, there is nothing wrong with heading out to the local cinema before grabbing a late-night bite at your favorite diner. These suggestions are also worthwhile if you are keeping an eye on your budget.


Keep in mind that you do not have to boasts the talents of a professional singer to enjoy a night of karaoke. Not only is this an excellent way to make new friends, but karaoke stimulates the brain and even improves your memory. Leave your ego at the door, hop up on stage and have fun!

Win it Big at a Casino

New Jersey is associated with some of the most well-known casinos in the country and if you are a fan of gambling, these establishments should never be missed. From craps and roulette or a hand of poker or a few hours playing slots, the options are nearly limitless. 

Rent a Party Bus

It can often be a good idea to hire a professional transportation service. Not only can you cruise the town in style, but you will not have to worry about other logistics such as calling a taxi or dealing with mass transit services. Check out the additional benefits of a party bus in NJ here in order to learn more about the 26 different vehicles that you can choose from. 

Bar Crawls

Bar crawling has been a popular college pastime for decades and it can be just as fun in these modern times. This is also a viable option if you are planning a hen party, as the excitement never ends. Of course, it is best to choose major metropolitan areas such as Atlantic City or Passaic due to the fact that the bars themselves are in close proximity to one another.

These are only seven of the numerous ways in which you can make the most out of a girls’ night on the town. Feel free to follow the recommendations mentioned above or to brainstorm a bit more in order to create memories that will last for years into the future.

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