Styling Loungewear: How to Be Both Comfortable and Stylish

Loungewear is usually thought of as just that—clothes you wear when you’re lounging around and not planning on going anywhere but home. While loungewear is perfect for a dressed-down look, anyone can easily upgrade this style. Indeed, most loungewear isn’t at all designed to be stylish, but there are plenty of ways to wear this trend as a head-turning outfit. Here are four ideas to help you do just that.

Wear an Oversized T-Shirt

T-shirts are an easy way to lounge around, but it’s also very easy to seem sloppy if you don’t style this look correctly. For a perfect loungewear look, you want a t-shirt that’s slightly oversized but still has enough structure to keep it looking polished. Opt for fitted t-shirts with drop shoulders or tuck them into high-waisted pants or skirts to create more shape. T-shirts that rep your favorite band or TV show can be great conversation starters when socializing with new people.

Style With Accessories

To make your laidback style stand out, add accessories. Scarves and jewelry are a great way to give your loungewear an added sense of style. These accessories will cover up any undesirable features of your loose-fitting clothes while accentuating your sense of style. Statement pieces, be they earrings, ascots, or hats will help pull an otherwise lackluster look together.

Wear Exciting Outerwear

Another effortless way to make loungewear look stylish is to wear dynamic outerwear over it. If you don’t want to leave your house looking overly casual, try rocking a nice pair of boots and a trench coat or a denim jacket and casual shoes from brands like Morihata for a cool and comfortable outfit. Balancing loungewear with trendier pieces is a stylish way to spice any outfit up.

Try Fancy Footwear

To pull together an outfit that makes you feel both comfortable and chic, don’t be afraid to pair fancy footwear with your loungewear. For a classy and casual look, choose a pair of shiny leather ballet flats or loafers in vibrant shades. If you want to take things up a notch, opt for combat or heeled boots, for a dressed-up look for colder weather. Be sure to choose styles that fit your feet well and aren’t too loose or tight for maximum comfort and style.

Loungewear in the past has been an afterthought in most wardrobes, but it’s time to change that. Keep these four fashionable tips in mind to take your loungewear to the next level.

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