Is it okay for me to use strip lashes with my lash extensions?

Party season is basically here, and we all in all affection getting ourselves super-full event lashes–following a troublesome year, haven’t we obtained it? Since enormous quantities of us wear  lash extensions reliably, it’s not hard to become adjusted to the staggering long lashes that we find in the mirror each day.

 With respect to furnishing social occasions or exceptional occasions, every so often it might be tempting to pop thick strip lashes on for a more outrageous look than your normal lash increases. As individual greatness dears, we can see yet as lash experts, we say compassionate, sympathetically don’t! 

Strip lashes might make for a fabulous quest for one evening, yet the damage they never truly lash increases will continue to go for a seriously long time.

 Applying thick, considerable bits of designed lashes over your increases troubles the lashes, focusing on the extensions and the ordinary lashes meanwhile additionally the glue! You’d never dream about spilling crude, bland substances over your lash developments on another occasion, and strip lashes are something very similar. 

Paste from strip lashes cements in your increases, bunching them and on occasion removing them all around it is for each situation easy to see whether strips or individual falsies have been applied, since it’s practically hard to get all the glue out of the roots (regardless, for a lash trained professional). 

Choosing pieces of the glue during a plan is a shaky task, and oftentimes impacts the proportion of time your expert can spend applying expansions or fixing hurt ones. In the event that you’re feeling that craving for the strip-lash look, have a visit to your cosmetologist about it–we have a wide scope of tips and hoodwinks to get that extra mile out of your lashes, and love endeavoring to change up your style in case you have a remarkable event. Level lashes are oftentimes an amazing alternative as opposed to strips or individual falsies, as their level fixed bases give the fantasy of a thicker look. 

Of course, you could by and large look at our volume lashes these insightful lashes are applied in super-light fan shapes for an authoritative pad! Just let us in on whether you were thinking about switching everything up for your next infill, and we can give a fearless work to get it rolling.

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