4 Wedding Car Decoration Ideas That Make for a Memorable Send-off

Did you know over two million wedding ceremonies occur in the U.S. each year? The average wedding also has around 180 guests. 

Planning a wedding is a large task to take on. There are many steps you can’t forget if you want to make it a night to remember. One thing you shouldn’t forget about is choosing the right wedding car. 

This guide will discuss some of the best wedding car decorations to choose from. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

1. Flowers Add a Touch of Natural Beauty 

Flowers are one of the best wedding car decoration ideas on this list. The decor for your wedding should be delicate and beautiful. Flowers can be used in all kinds of ways to create a unique design for your wedding car. 

A flower garland is one idea you can use. You can choose a green garland with an arrangement of flowers on each end. Choose flowers matching the color scheme of your wedding and add this decor to the trunk of your wedding car. 

Consider hiring a wedding van, so you don’t have to worry about decorating the car yourself. Check out https://www.thewhitevanwedding.com/wedding-car-hire/ for more information. 

2. Create a Unique License Plate 

If you’re looking for simple wedding car decoration, one idea includes using a custom license plate for your wedding car. The license plate can include the phrase “just married,” your names, and the date of your wedding. 

This is a great item to have in the background of your photos before and after the wedding. You can keep this item in your wedding album after the day. 

Use decorative ribbons to attach the license plate to the car. Remember not to use this plate to cover the original license plate of the car when driving it. 

3. Adding Balloons Is a Fun Idea

There are many DIY wedding car decoration ideas you can choose from as well. Balloons are the perfect item if you’re considering a more playful look for your wedding car. 

There are many design schemes you can choose when using balloons for your wedding car. You can go the traditional route with white balloons.

Make the decor a bit more glamorous with confetti-filled balloons. You can choose heart-shaped balloons or a cluster of colorful balloons for a more vibrant look. 

4. Use the Classic Tin Cans 

Other wedding car decoration tips include using tin cans. This tradition is an exciting way to announce your nuptials to everyone around you. 

Make sure to empty all the cans and remove the labels first. Choose a strong rope to tie the cans to the back bumper of the car. You don’t want them falling off as soon as you take off. 

Wedding Car Decorations You’ll Love 

There are many wedding car decorations to choose from for a memorable and photo-worthy day. Use flowers to add some natural beauty to your wedding car. You can also create a classic look with tin cans. 

Check out some of the other blogs on our site for more decor tips and ideas. 

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