6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Bright and Open

There are many ways you can make small dark spaces in your home feel more open and inviting and give your entire home a brighter and more open feel. The most effective tools are color, lighting, mirrors, and plants according to Interior Idea. There are even more design decisions you can make for a bright and open space. The following are just some suggestions for improving your home. 


The color palette of a home has a big effect on the feel of the spaces of a home. Light colors reflect light and will make a space seem larger, while dark colors will shrink the space and dampen the light of a room. Painting your entire home with a bright white paint is going to make it feel as bright as possible. If you don’t want to just use white throughout your home, choose a light but neutral color scheme and add a few bright but complimentary accents to draw the eye through the room. If the dark paint in your home can’t be changed, adding light and bright accents like rugs and curtains can help overcome the darkness. Changing the paint color of some rooms in your home is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to add brightness to your home. 


While natural light is the best option, if it can’t be changed it can be supplemented. Lighting should surround you, not just hang over you. Consider investing in a lighting upgrade that will move the lighting to reflect off the ceiling and spotlight focal points. Sconces and lamps are great options for this. Changing the lighting in your home may or may not require an electrical upgrade depending on your current layout. Do some research on residential electrical solutions and hire a professional to do any electrical work for you. Doing your research beforehand will help you understand what lighting and electrical upgrades for your home will be realistic and worthwhile to pursue. 


Mirrors and metals are great reflective surfaces that can brighten things up by reflecting light and space that help create the sense of a much larger space. Strategically placed mirrors will reflect natural light and space into the room and create a more open feel. Larger mirrors will give more of a window effect while smaller mirrors grouped together can be used when wall space is limited. Mirrors can also reflect focal points that add visual flow to a space making it seem larger. You can add mirrors to any room in your house. They can become a decorative focal point as well. 


Bring the outdoors in. Real or fake, plants add natural color and texture to a home. Real plants help clean the air in a home and can add freshness to the space. Plan for your plants and choose varieties that will grow well in the space with the light and care level available. You will be surprised at the difference plants will make to your home.

Open Floor Plans

If you have the ability to knock out some walls in your home, it can make it appear bigger and brighter. Make sure the walls you want to knock down aren’t load bearing walls and that they don’t serve a specific purpose. An unnecessary wall between your living room and kitchen can make things feel smaller in your home. Opening up the space will make it feel like a completely new home. Get rid of unnecessary items that might be cluttering up your space too. This will help you create a more open floor plan. 


Bright and colorful pieces of art can make your space feel fresh and open. A gallery wall on a pure white wall will add some unexpected brightness. Check out some local artists to support and purchase art from. Unique art will instantly upgrade your home. 

If your home feels claustrophobic and stuffy, maybe it’s time for a change. A few simple but effective changes can make all the difference in the world and your home. Consider one or some of the above suggestions. Implement them into your home if possible and freshen up your home. 

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