Haircut Ideas With 16 Types of Bangs and Tips

Are you tempted to have a haircut with bangs? If you have tried it before, you probably already know if the bangs suit you or not. Nevertheless, if you change your mind after a while, it takes time to grow your hair again. So, you can try the clip-in bangs first. Either you are determined to get bangs or you haven’t made up your mind yet, here are 16 haircut ideas with bangs to get some inspiration.

The 70’s Bangs

Curtain Bangs

Korean Bangs

Sometimes women prefer a haircut with bangs as it is easy to style them and just by straightening your bangs it makes your whole hair look well shaped. I have even heard of someone washing only her bangs when in a hurry.

Side Bangs

Layered Bangs

Blunt Bangs

I have cut bangs on my own many times. In the past I even tried a tool for bangs which helps you cut your hair straight and it is useful especially if you desire a blunt style.

Side Swept Bangs

Unless you have tried a hairstyle with bangs before, don’t go for an extreme change. Pick a type like side swept bangs that can be easily hidden with the rest of your hair if you are disappointed by the result on you.

Chopped Bangs

A hairdresser can help you choose which type suits you according to your face characteristics and your hair texture. You need to take into consideration how often it needs maintainance by a professional or whether you can groom your hair bangs on your own. For instance, by having long bangs you won’t have to visit the hair salon very often.

Long Bangs

Shaggy Bangs

Something that you might not have realised is that a hairstyle with bangs can prevent your forehead from being exposed to the Sun and even get brown spots.

Light Bangs

Full Bangs

80’s Bangs

Can you keep a secret? Bangs can also help you look younger. Not only because they give your face a more girly style, but they can hide wrinkles as well.

Curly Bangs

Short Bangs

Baby Bangs

Did you decide which type of bangs would work better for you? Whatever you try, don’t worry if it isn’t exactly as you had imagined it. Ιt’s only hair!

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